Get outerwear: the weather forecaster warned about the cold in Ukraine

Доставайте пуховики: синоптик предупредила о похолодании в Украине

After a warm weekend in Ukraine will gradually enter the cold air of Arctic origin. This was reported by the forecaster Natalka Didenko on the page in Facebook.

So, according to the forecast of the forecaster, November 18 in Ukraine expected day temperature is 6-11 degrees in the West will be a little warmer – 12-16 degrees.

In the future, the cold will reach the night frosts, and within weeks the temperature may reach -10 degrees in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Won’t rain.

In Kiev, Monday will be dry. The next night 1-4 degrees, tomorrow afternoon around 7 degrees.

In the future, the capital will gradually colder until the night frost, and the day to 2-5 degrees.

As said Didenko, on November 21, blows a strong wind storm.
On the sea of Azov unheard delayed the velvet season. Weather forecasters fixed temperature records for all years of observations. Prior to that, record the temperature those days was considered the temperature of 1948.

Recall that winter, the Ukrainians also promise mostly warm, with a large number of days with a temperature above zero than in previous years. Forecasters attribute this to global climate change.

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