Get rid of edema: how to safely eliminate fluid retention in the body

Избавляемся от отеков: как надежно покончить с задержкой жидкости в организме

Under the fluid retention is commonly understood as the gradual accumulation of water in the human body. This phenomenon is a consequence of infringement of balance level of moisture in the tissues. We drew attention to a few simple tips on how to reduce the swelling of tissues.

Prevent the formation of accumulations of moisture

The human body is a complex hormonal system, which performs continuous regulation of liquid level with the aim of preserving its stability. This leads to the fact: excess consumption of moisture easily removed by the kidneys and excreted from the body in the form of natural secretions (sweat or urine).+

A few simple things that contribute to the accumulation of fluid in the body

Excessive consumption of sodium

Such an element can be found in most foods, regularly consumed by humans. When unbalanced eating foods containing sodium and insufficient intake of fluids, the formation of stagnant processes.+

Less sugar

Attention to costs and processed products containing critical amounts of sugar. Sugar along with sodium leads to the formation of edema.+

Drink water regularly

Drinking water regularly means, to help the body in its functioning. Under the condition of lack of fluid, the body subsequently begins to accumulate fluid in order to survive. The result of the process – the formation of edema.+

The lack of vitamins and minerals

Lack of certain vitamins and minerals can also cause swelling. For example, deficiency of vitamin B6 often leads to accumulations of moisture. It is also desirable to prevent a potassium deficiency. When it is insufficient consumption, the body can become unstable, there is a disturbance of the water balance.+

How to reduce swelling of tissues

Engage in physical activity

They help to avoid fluid retention, stimulate blood circulation. This helps excess moisture to freely leave the body.+


Swelling of the ankles, it is recommended that allow the legs to a position above the level of the body. This technique will greatly reduce the swelling of limbs.+

More vitamins

Fresh fruits and vegetables in the daily menu – the key to getting rid of edema. The composition of such foods is beneficial to the regulation of processes involving fluid exchange.+


From tight clothing is better to refuse – it negatively affects the General circulation.+


A hot shower is also unfavorable from the point of view of accumulation of fluid in the body.+

Following the advice from this article and thorough assessment of the condition of the body systems, it is possible to achieve good results. However, in chronic the nature of the manifestation of oedema recommend that you immediately contact your doctor. Be healthy!

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