GF Vip 6: Are Miriana and Nicola serious?

Something is being born between Miriana Trevisan and Nicola Pisu… and this was clear, from the kiss a few days ago. Yesterday afternoon, then, the two gieffini found a moment to talk with an open heart. It seems that the competitors of the GF Vip 6, want to do things seriously.

GF Vip 6: Are Miriana and Nicola serious?

Miriana Trevisan she has recently been surprised by her ex-husband, who spent very sweet words towards her when he capitulated to GF VIP 6. A moment of great emotion for both exes, who remained on excellent terms after the breakup of the marriage that lasted ten years.

Meanwhile, both continue with their lives and now that Miriana he is inside the house, he met a person. This is Nicola Pisu and between the two there was something tender. A few nights ago, the kiss between the two drove everyone crazy, hinting at the creation of a possible love story, which is not an “end” to the reality show.

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Yesterday afternoon, during a nice chat, the two gieffini decided to engage in a rather serious conversation, in which they deal with important topics about their present – but also about their future -.

From Miriana, there was first of all a confession. Someone on Twitter has rumored it’s all a way to test Nicola Pisu; regardless of the reasons, that Miriana Trevisan has said what he said to test his interlocutor or not, to sincerely say that he has a “situation” to be resolved outside the GF VIP it is certainly a demonstration of how much the Trevisan keep in relationship with Nicola, and you respect it.

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GF Vip 6: Are Miriana and Nicola serious?