Gigi Hadid has impressed fans with its real appearance

Джиджи Хадид поразила фанатов своим реальным обликом

The model did not hesitate to show their appearance without makeup.

Many fans of Gigi Hadid, you are trying to get leading model Agency, were amazed at the real look of the 23-year-old American. A supermodel in his Instagram account showed his followers how she really looks without using makeup and without pre-processing of images in graphic editors. As it turned out, the model without the use of photoshop similar to the ordinary housewife, whose face has not only acne, but also the bruises from lack of sleep.

Fans of the supermodel were impressed with the looks, Gigi Hadid, since every picture in his microblog she is like Queen without any flaws. Also fans of Hadid noticed the absence of moles and freckles on all the other pictures of supermodels, which she carefully disguises the tonal cream and powder. Many subscribers have criticized gg for such a decision, as freckles and moles only gave her unique features.


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