Ginger may be the best chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer

Имбирь может быть лучшим за химиотерапию в лечении рака

The first Association of most people when the phrase “cancer treatment” is chemotherapy. And many patients it is familiar not by hearsay. But the search for effective method of treating this terrible disease continues, and now scientists ‘ attention is riveted to the healing properties of plants. In particular, in this case we are talking about ginger.

Ginger vs chemotherapy in cancer treatment

Multiple confirmations indicate that inflammation is a fundamental process that contributes to the development of the disease or even to provoke its appearance. In the main mechanical aspects of the interaction, when our body detects a threat, as a protection mechanism it triggers the inflammatory process.

Together with free radicals, inflammation kills the cells in our body. But it does not stop the “bad guys”. In fact, inflammation is responsible for extensive “fire” at the cellular level.

The human immune system does not always distinguish between where the real threat, and where about. What’s worse, long-term inflammation is particularly harmful to the body. As exposed to the action of a number of diseases and reduces life expectancy. For this reason, it is only natural to assume that food rich in antioxidants is an integral part of our long-term health and well-being.

You are not convinced of the fact that the right food can heal you? Then you probably just don’t know that ginger is one of the most effective tools in the treatment of cancer. How effective? Tens of thousands of times more effective than chemotherapy. At least, so says some scientists!

Georgia supplies facts

Researchers have long been preoccupied with the study of plants that are rich in antioxidants. They wanted to establish how effective they are, as in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Turmeric was one of the first in the list, and its impact on different types of cancer, as well as a host of other diseases at the moment, no doubt.

Ginger is a close relative of turmeric. For this reason, researchers have considered a good idea to find out more on its medicinal properties. The University of Georgia did just that in the study which have been studied mice with prostate cancer.

Discovery scientists is impressive. The mice were observed to reduce the size of prostate tumor by as much as 56% when taking shohola, caustic compound, which is produced from ginger. When compared with patients in the control group, ginger was in striking ten thousand times stronger.

But the good news doesn’t end there. In fact, with specific regard to prostate cancer showed the following – this root allows patients to avoid fatal outcome. While chemotherapy tends to weaken the immune system and even the appearance of metastasis in cancer.

During chemotherapy living tissue is exposed to chemicals, and cells die. Anyway, as a consequence of local damage, there is a significant likelihood that the tumor will come back in greater numbers and spread throughout the body.

In most cases, when the patient takes the chemotherapy, this is exactly what happens. That is why some doctors are so eager to find better methods of treatment which are less likely to worsen the patient’s condition.

The hand that heals

Despite the attempts of medicine to affect the cancer, it seems that improvement will never happen. Perhaps the method of treatment is somewhere else. Very concerned about the fact that thousands of oncologists around the world are still recommended to take medicinal drugs to patients who are in the early stages of the disease.

Especially given the fact that nature has given us the strength and tools to overcome most of the diseases that we face. Despite this, we persisted in clinging to the chemicals that are not only ineffective but also quite possibly bring even more harm.

In addition to the deterrence of cancer, scientists have proved that ginger is effective in the treatment of more than 100 other diseases, including diabetes, osteoarthritis, and nausea during chemotherapy. Another compelling reason that will certainly need to try healing root is the actual no side effects from its use. Unlike chemotherapy, ginger acting like the perfect drug. No wonder the Chinese medicine began to use it in the treatment of patients more than 2,000 years ago.

Probably will take some time before home the doctor will examine the patients and give healthy recommendations that affect only their diet. But while we’re definitely approaching improvements. Still there is a lot of discussion about what drugs and chemicals are more harmful than beneficial effect on long term health. So why not help the immune system to fight diseases thus how she should do it?

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