Girl disappeared in the forest : “his feet were like blocks of ice”

Fillette disparue en forêt : «ses pieds étaient comme des blocs de glace»

The community of Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, in Lanaudière held its breath for hours at the end of the day Thursday because of the disappearance in the forest, a child of 9 years of age, while the temperature was frigid and the night had fallen.

“Kim is a little girl who loves nature, who loves the forest, she likes to survival in the forest. She decided to go take a walk in notifying his dad, told Gabrielle Veilleux-Christmas, a family friend, in an interview to the Quebec Morning.

It is around 16: 30 that anxiety has taken hold of the father of the girl when he noticed that she had not returned. The research initiated quickly in a whirlwind of concern for parents and loved ones.

“It is a friend of my daughter, so as soon as I knew the new I made a posting on Facebook and I did share as much as possible so that all the world can see. A group of people is away from home yesterday to 22 h to go help with the search, these are all friends of the family. We put ourselves in their place, we think that these are our children,” explains Ms. Veilleux-Christmas.

The citizen of Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci is familiar with the area where little Kim was lost, a very wooded area where sneaking around the bear.

“Me-even if I had been lost in this mountain there, I think I would have curled into a ball and I would have cried,” adds the family friend.

Found by a physician

The girl has fortunately been found to 1am in the morning by a doctor at the lac Lafrenière and his wife who have heard him screaming. They have brought the girl to their home and called the police and the mother went to seek his daughter.


“It was refrigerated, his boots were blocks of ice. Her arms were frozen from the shoulders, it was cold last night,” explains Ms. Veilleux-Christmas.

Transported to the hospital, the girl suffered from a slight hypothermia, “but there it goes super well”.

The mom thanked the population

In the aftermath of this mishap, the mom is still strongly shaken by this incident which could have had serious consequences.

In a text message sent to TVA Nouvelles, the mother of Kim who does not want to grant an interview, however, held to thank the public for their support in the research.

“It was very hard to manage, it turned very quickly in our heads! […] Thank you to the population! Thank you a thousand times! We are all very happy to have found safe and sound. Our little adventurer is going well, health. Much more frightened than hurt!”

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