Girls gone missing: “He rushed to go,” said a witness

Fillettes disparues: «Il s’est dépêché de s’en aller», dit une témoin

Two witnesses of the car accident, in connection with the disappearance of Romy and Norah Carpentier, occurred on Wednesday evening, recount the moments that followed their arrival on the scene.

After having narrowly avoided the car, the driver came to rest on highway 20.

“In me packing, I saw, there was a vehicle in front that was stopped on the four turn indicators and automatically, when I put all four of my turn signals and I got stopped, he rushed to go,” she recalls.

His wife was then landed the vehicle in order to go to the rescue of people who might have been injured in the vehicle. It was then found that it was empty.

“I put myself to the research in the fields, in the ditches, I’ve screamed, I’ve never heard any sound, I have never seen any person, it is quite disturbing”, describes it.

Ice cream “half-melted”

When she rushed around the vehicle, the driver found that an ice cream was not completely melted.

“I looked in the vehicle, there was the car seat, there was an ice cream that had fallen, half melted, in the bottom of the vehicle,” remembers she.

According to the survey of police officers, the father, Martin Carpentier, would have brought his two daughters to the Chocolate Favourites from Saint-Nicolas, to 20h15, about an hour before the accident.

Although the vehicle has been in an accident, the airbags have not erupted.

“The windows were still intact, except for the glass front. The airbags have not broken out and the tires were broken,” said the driver.

The two witnesses had not seen any trace of blood or injured in the car.

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