Girls missing since Wednesday: it may be an accident, voluntary, according to an expert

Fillettes disparues depuis mercredi: peut-être un accident volontaire, selon un expert

The accident involving the two girls and their father on Wednesday evening on highway 20 in Saint-Apollinaire could be “voluntary”, according to an analyst in police interventions.

An Amber alert was triggered Thursday afternoon.

Daniel Cléroux argues that this theory of the accident, “voluntary” becomes more plausible since there is not really a witness capable of providing more information on the scene.

“I know from experience that people can make barrels and if they are well attached, there will be no serious injuries. They are going to be shaken. But to say: “Go, children, it is quick to run.” There is a very great complicity, there is a mental health issue or there is something that cannot be explained really not for the moment”, he added.

  • LISTEN to the full interview and the questioning of Daniel Cléroux, analyst intervention police, on this issue at QUB radio:

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