Girls missing: the “cries of distress” in the night in Saint-Apollinaire

Fillettes disparues: des «cris de détresse» dans la nuit à Saint-Apollinaire

The information of “high importance” received by the SQ, causing it to move Friday its search operation in a particular sector in Saint-Apollinaire, could be related to screams heard in the forest at 1am in the morning.

The Sûreté du Québec has confirmed in the afternoon, as reported by The Journal earlier, that screams have been heard last night, in the vicinity of the rue Veilleux, where the search for Norah, Romy and their father Martin Carpentier moved, a little after 10am.

  • Listen to the interview of the reporter from TVA Nouvelles Felix Seguin with Jean-François Baril at QUB Radio:

“I confirm to you that screams have been heard without linking them directly to our folder. It is sure that we consider it as important information. The audits are ongoing,” said the sergeant Bibeau, a spokesman for the police organization.

  • Listen to the interview of the police officer to retire François Doré Jean-François Baril at QUB Radio:

The Journal spoke with two residents of the rue Veilleux who claim to have heard screams in the night from Thursday to Friday.

“We wondered if it was children or animals. My youngest has heard them also, since it is mounted […] to wake up her mother,” said Marc-André Tessier, one of those citizens.

According to this witness, the cries repeatedly have been driven by a single voice.

“It is sure that it was the cries of distress. It screamed in the distance. I haven’t heard of words such as “help”. It was not words,” said Mr. Tessier.

The woodland which would be from the screams heard by neighbours of the rue Veilleux on the night of Thursday and Friday.

Mr. Tessier believes to have heard a dozen screams. He immediately called the SQ, whose officers came to be with him in the night.

The neighbor of Mr. Tessier, Eva Dubois, has also heard these screams.

“I thought it was the daughter of my neighbor who was a nightmare. I have not paid attention to it. I said to myself: “This must be it””, said Ms. Dubois.


The wife of Martin Carpentier launches a cry from the heart:

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