Girondins de Bordeaux: Ouch, that stings! The club needs a million euros to Urssaf

This sentence could be linked to the dismissal of Elie Baup in 2003. — WILL PASCAL/SIPA

Leaders bordeaux will have to get out the checkbook. The court of appeal of Bordeaux has condemned the club of bordeaux to pay one million euros to Urssaf (the Social Security and Family Allowances), reports South West.

The Court of appeal of Bordeaux (case 05/10 n° 15/03961) confirming the recovery URSSAF of more than € 1 million of the Girondins. Ouch!

— Me Thierry Granturco (@Me_Granturco) October 11, 2017
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No financial impact on the accounts of the club

It would be a matter of unpaid dues and late fees after the dismissal of Elie Baup in 2003. At that time, the Girondins de Bordeaux had been sentenced to settle a score of 2.5 million euros to their former coach.

For the moment, the lawyers of the club are still reluctant to appeal in cassation according to the newspaper. For their part, the leaders announce that there will be no impact on the accounts.

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