“Giroud is still here for a long time”, according to Deschamps

    “Giroud is still here for a long time”, according to Deschamps

    Olivier Giroud is an eternal Phoenix. While his situation in the France team could have seemed uncomfortable during the last rally due to his low playing time at the club, the striker has since signed the blows. He has scored seven times in less than a month and regained more playing time with Chelsea. What to reassure Didier Deschamps? In an interview with L’Equipe, the coach recalled that one should never question the pride of the former Arsenal player.

    “He is still here for a long time given his last performances, greeted Deschamps. Less than a few years ago because time passes, but for a while given his mentality. It is his merit of never let go. But we know it: the harder it is, the more it hangs. ”

    “He turned the situation around again”

    The coach also denies having warned him about his low playing time during the last rallies. He had still broadcast several messages at a press conference on the danger that could hover over his head in view of the Euro if he did not follow up enough in the club. He even seemed to be spreading the idea of ​​changing air to inflate his playing minutes.

    “I never warned him as we could say, he promises. I’m not here to advise. I just gave him my opinion. After that, it will be his decision. Olivier knew that his time to The game was limited, at one point. He turned the situation around again. The situation has changed. As it may change in February or March (smile). But whether he starts all three games a week, it doesn’t. may not be ideal either! Today I do not wonder about everything he does, although I cannot give a guarantee to him and to any other d ‘elsewhere. In quality and quantity, I’m lucky to have a lot of players available. ”

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    Last November, Deschamps had confided his concern about the case of his striker, second highest scorer in the history of the France team. “Olivier Giroud knows it, the situation he is living today cannot go on forever, he estimated. For March, he will have to find a solution other than that.” As he said on Friday, the situation has since changed.

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