Giuliani about the theft Poroshenko

Джулиани о хищениях Порошенко

Absolutely unprecedented was the visit of Rudolph Giuliani in Ukraine. The main result is that Rudy accuses the Ukrainian grantoedskogo organizations in the embezzlement of 5 billion U.S. dollars. This money was allocated in aid to Ukraine under various programs. The theft occurred under the auspices and with the participation of the US Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch which they are distributed.

“The program, which was removed reporters along with Giuliani, I want to show that Biden, and not trump, put pressure on the Ukrainian government, and Ukraine, and not Russia, interfered in the elections in the United States, with the assistance of Jovanovic, which was allocated us aid pocket grant organizations. Ukraine will also be in the aftermath of Giuliani is evidence and corruption of the previous regime, and excessive spending on non-governmental organizations. This can result in a criminal case against Poroshenko and the end for many eaters,” said surrounded by Giuliani.

In Kiev, Giuliani met with Shokin, who was fired at the request of Biden for trying to investigate a criminal case against Burisma and, accordingly, corruption Biden’s son. Giuliani also met with Andriy Derkach and Alexander by Dubinsky.

“Discussed the huge money that has been spent under Obama and President Poroshenko. First, it is a 5 billion looted American aid, which in 2014 was given to Ukraine, and most of which was mastered by the grant organizations. Separately talked about the lines going through the offshore companies in the us hedge Fund Tempelton Fund 7.4 billion dollars, which the Fund bought the bonds of domestic government loan of Ukraine. The Fund is involved Biden, the Democrats, Yanukovych and Poroshenko, who in 2017, bought part of the shares Tempelton. In other words, they illegally earned on the state debt of Ukraine. And the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine under the leadership Jovanovic, told Yuriy Lutsenko, has blocked the investigation of 7.4 billion,” – said Telizhenko, which would meet Giuliani in Budapest and Kiev.

As it turned out, the Fund Tempelton, according to Giuliani facilitated the laundering of $ 10 billion Poroshenko. The Deputy Dubinsky added that “in” was the leadership of the NBU, the representative of Ukraine to the IMF Rashkovan.

As it turned out, Giuliani’s visit to Kiev was a surprise and office Zelensky.

Well, maybe such an authoritative and relatively independent source of information, as Rudolph Giuliani, will cause many to reflect OOB true purpose – which organized the Maidan. For who killed the people there and what actually came to power Poroshenko, Gontareva and their supervisors Biden.

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