Give body resistance

Photo: Hugo B. Lefort
Who other than Manuel Roque could embody the jogger compulsive disorder, Jacques Poulin-Denis will grow to shortness of breath in “Running Room”? The performer rubs a new test of endurance, embarking in a race on a treadmill.

Committed against formatting errors induced by our societies of consumption, many dance artists, the place of design loopholes in the real, continue to measure up to him with force. In the resistance to the dictates of the entertainment an energy and a fertile ground for the creation of the choreographers are trying to pull their pin of the game this season. Some distance themselves from the spectacular virtuosity, while others make use of it and turn to the rise of the body in movement, a beauty outside the norm, vulnerable and reflective.


The event Resistors plural at the Agora de la danse will set the tone in the beginning of the season. Three parts move the spectators out of the comfort of their seat for a greater proximity with the dancers. Alongside the installations choreography of George Stamos and Peter Quanz, Icon Pop, part long-awaited Mélanie Demers, focuses on the history of women and their representations. Establishing a parallel between the iconic images of the sacred and of the superstars of pop music such as Beyoncé, the montreal based choreographer slips into the skin of a madonna bling-bling. In this solo performance, the dancer finds the scene by taking on an untrained body, against the current of the body athletic and virtuosic as usual.

Photo: Patrick Simard
In “Blue Blood”, Dany Desjardins and Andréane Leclerc will of virtuosity as a means of touching the abnormalities and irregularities of the body.

In Blue Blood, Andréane Leclerc and Dany Desjardins will of virtuosity as a means of touching the abnormalities and irregularities of the body. Based on the composition and decomposition of our mortal coil, the contortionist and the dancer to join new their languages to develop a vision and a sensitive and non-fatalistic of the degeneration and the evolution of the contemporary body.


After the success of occasions of Monumental with Holy Body Tattoo — efficient critical of a society fuelled by the anxiety of performance, the artist Dana Gingras intends to be a body in rupture with the advertising imagery dominant in the heart of a video installation. An Other is a small form which will give an overview of the style and the issues that animate the creative, which is currently in full preparation of a work on a grand scale at the Centre de création O Vertigo.


Who other than Manuel Roque could embody the jogger compulsive disorder that Jacques Poulin-Denis will grow to shortness of breath in Running Piece? After his ups and downs in bang-bang at the FTA last year, the performer rubs a new test of endurance, embarking in a race on a treadmill. A room that invites you to take a critical look at the cult of the performance and on our daily rhythms of slave productivity.


Unite to resist and survive


Choreographer on the rise came from Quebec, Alan Lake imagine, for him, a dream world, inspired by the Raft of the Medusa, macabre masterpiece about the romantic painter Gericault. Without giving up the spectacular with these sets, licked, and multidisciplinary artist, represents a body which will resist together to death in precarious environments in the cry of The jellyfish.


On a similar theme but in a different register, the four talking heads, from Castel Blast (Olivia Sofia, Léo Loisel, Wilhelm Remus and Xavier Mary) install the body into a struggle for their survival in an apocalyptic landscape littered with dust. After the frantic Ma(g)ma, first create promising, the collective reflects on the resilience of individuals and their ability to unite to better resist the violence and continue to exist.

Must-haves for the season

Catherine Gaudet (our photo). The choreographer composed of three solos for Louise Bédard, Clara Furey and Jolyane Langlois in Everything that goes comes back. In The Chapel from 7 to 15 march.

Tandems-generational Pluto-Act 3 of the 2nd Door on the Left. Dana Michel is twinned with Benoît Lachambre, and Katie Ward with Peter James. At The Chapel, from 22 to 31 march.

The choreographer’s minimalist Raimund Hogue. The artist at the body atypical and former dramaturge for Pina Bausch takes the stage in the duo, Not two and the room of group The waltz. At Factory C, 10 and 11 April, and on 13 and 14 April.

Hanna Abd El Nour (About 21) who will Travel(s), to the Chapel on The 22 January to 3 February, and Utopia(s), a large fresco of 12 h with a choir of 15 female interpreters around the figure of Electra, at the Arsenal from February 13 to march 10. It is also a tribute to the memory of women who have struggled for progress and the common good of the societies in America. A way to actualize their ideals, their struggles and their resistance to inspiration.

Imagine new utopias

In these times of political stagnation and social concerns of Hanna Sybille Muller on the idea of revolution, intrigue us just as much as the diptych again the wilderness, where Lucy M. May draft a manifesto for a utopia, ephemeral, and where the Kimberley De Jong caress the dream of an adaptation to saving endangered species. In Tangent, Reality, fiction from 22 to 25 February, and again wild of 29 march to 1 April.

Discover signatures elsewhere

We are promised a mystical experience with Eternal Tides of the choreographer in taiwan’s Lin lee-Chen, who, with 20 dancers on the stage, revisits the religious rites and ceremonies attached to its culture. In Dance Dance, from 24 to 27 January.

In the framework of the Spring northern of the Place des Arts, the coming of the Norwegian Ina Christel Johannessen and the Finnish Tero Saarinen pique our curiosity. In Dance Dance, Again from April 5 to 7, and Breath of 17 to 21 April.

Of times to see or review

Coldblood, a masterpiece of nanodanse of the belgian duo Kiss Cry. At Usine C, from 25 to 28 April.

Instead of looking for action ? Sutra Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Sadler’s Wells) is seeking 19 buddhist monks, and masters of kung-fu. In Dance Dance, 3 to 9 may.

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