“Give shows, it is visceral”

«Donner des spectacles, c'est viscéral»

Kept away from the scene for three months now due to the pandemic of COVID-19, Marc Dupré admits that she feels a great emptiness. Without the boards, his balance a whole is compromised. “I lack something inside of me. It makes me realize how much my need to give shows is ” visceral “, he says.

“We are lucky to do this business that allows us to receive so much love from the public. When we did more, it creates a lack. And that, I feel in this moment, ” continues Marc Dupré at the end of the wire.

It must be said that it is on stage that he began his career, is experiencing its first hours during the 1990s. Formerly known as a comedian and impersonator, he has long borrowed the voice of other people before you finally bet on his own with a debut album in 2005.

“I was tired “

Of course, the singer confesses that he “would have understood” if it had not been able to get back on stage this summer due to the pandemic. It had initially seen this stop as an opportunity to return to his forces, the last few months have been particularly busy. Between the filming of The Voice and the launch of his latest album, Nothing is lost, the energy started to decline.

“I was tired. Then when everything stopped last march, I told myself that I would take it as a break, I’m going to rest with my family. This is what I did, and it was nice. But I also realized how much the scene is important to my balance. I miss it so much “, he explains.

This balance is so precious, Marc Dupré is on the point of retrieving it. As soon as Friday, it will begin a series of concerts that will take him in the drive-ins and musiparcs of the province, with 13 stops scheduled in cities such as Quebec, Gatineau, Mercier, Sherbrooke and Mirabel airports during the summer.

The concept has already been proven in Denmark and Germany : artists mounted on movable stages, which are erected in places which could accommodate a large number of automobiles. The service is broadcast in real time on a giant screen and relayed through the audio system of the vehicle.

Safe values

In an interview with The Journal, Marc Dupré admits to not knowing what to expect of this new process that he has not yet experienced. And it is – at least partially – this makes the experience even more exciting.

“This is exciting, both for artists who are going to do it for the first time, and for the spectators who have never experienced something like that. I don’t know yet how it will happen, but what I do know is that people have a particular need to see shows, having fun and changing the ideas in this time. It is my job to me to ensure that it is successful “, avance-t-il.

To do this, Marc Dupré has mounted an all-new show, fashioned tailored for this new process. In the program, only ” safe values “, that is, its greatest success on the radio and of the times ” that work every time “. So it is very likely that at least a title of Bryan Adams will be way up in the program of his concerts.

Soon in the rooms ?

As to the future of concerts in the theatres, Marc Dupré seems rather optimistic. Of course, the reality may be quite different from those one has known when the time comes to take your seats in the lecture halls of the province. But the singer is determined to return to when the government will give the green light to holding shows in the interior.

“Doing shows is a real need for me, then I’ll stop forever. If you must do them in smaller rooms, in front of less people… well, that is what we will do. We will adapt to the instructions and […] find creative ways to continue to give performances. It is necessary, ” says Marc Dupré.

“We are often told how important it is to reinvent itself. So, let y. are re-inventing us. This is the time to prove that one is capable “, he adds.

A first contract facilitator

Marc Dupré will soon be able to add a new title to his resume : radio host. The singer will pilot this fall of the new appointment television Sunday of VAT, The Recording Studio.

In this adaptation québécoise d format signed Fremantle (American Idol), he will accompany the participants in the studio, where they will realize their dream to record a song. But not just anyone. Every guest, from the general public, put it on disk a as particularly significant, sharing the memories associated.

“Everyone has a song that completely changed the course of her life,” ahead of Marc Dupré.

Indeed. The siena ? Nancy (With the Laughing Face), Frank Sinatra.

“It was the favorite song of [my father-in-law] René Angélil, the one on which he danced with Anne-Marie at our wedding. I had never felt so wept that at this time there. Since then, it’s unmistakable ; each time I hear it – even if it is at the pharmacy, I started bawling “, he says laughing.

The outline of this new Recording Studio are already dictated by the rights holders. But the details themselves will be refined over the next few weeks, the beginning of the shooting is not being planned in August.

About this, Marc Dupré is of the opinion that the format of The Recording Studio is particularly well adapted to the measures of distancing physics introduced by the government during the pandemic.

“The studio is the ideal place to keep his distance ; everything is done so that each person is isolated. And as it is a show without an audience, there is absolutely no risk “, he says.

The return of The Voice

By the diffusion of The Recording Studio, Marc Dupré will regain his armchair coach for the last straight line of The Voice. The eighth season was halted in march because of the COVID-19, will resume its normal course in September, with six new episodes that will culminate with the crowning of a new winner.

Always in contact with its candidates, Marc Dupré admits to feel feverish at the idea of recapturing the adventure. And the coach is convinced that the events difficult to be crossed, since last march will occur at the resumption of filming.

“With all that is happening in this moment, the emotion is still more to flower of skin. It is necessary to use it, tap into what it’s like to live in this time, in order to convey the emotion. It is certain that it will appear in the next step of direct “, he promises.

The tour of Marc Dupré begins Friday at musiparc of the bay of Beauport. It runs until 10 September at the Ciné-Parc Orford of Sherbrooke.

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