Glacier of Alaska has turned into a huge lake

Ледник Аляски превратился в огромное озеро

Satellite imagery has helped to identify new evidence of global melting ice sheets of the Earth.

Excelsior glacier in Alaska is disappearing gradually. Scientists noticed that its coastal part became a lake, the area more than five times larger than new York’s Central Park (to 3.41 sq km), is reported .

The new pond received its own name – Big lake Johnston. Over the past quarter century, it increased in two times.

“What is our life? Game!”Ледник Аляски превратился в огромное озеро“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” the First signs of a thaw appeared in the 1940-ies. The glacier began to retreat from the small forest strip which separated it from the Pacific ocean.

Since 1994, the ice loss rate doubled. Excelsior retreated from the sea at 4.7 miles, losing 200 meters every year. For 24 years he lost 30% of its length.

To date, the area of the Big lakes Johnston reached 18 square kilometers. For a long time its surface was covered with large pieces of calved ice, but now they are melted.

Scientists concluded that the lake had almost reached its maximum size. But even if it will cease to act meltwater, the glacier retreat will continue, although perhaps not as intense as in the previous 25 years.

A similar fate has befallen many of its neighboring glaciers in Alaska and British Columbia.

Previously, experts estimated that the melting glaciers in Greenland has already increased the average sea level of 14 millimeters.