Global 2022 : the construction of the stadiums continues in Qatar despite the pandemic

Mondial-2022 : la construction des stades se poursuit au Qatar malgré la pandémie

Qatar is pursuing the construction of stadiums and infrastructure for the World-2022, claiming to adhere to the rules of social distancing to minimize the risk of spread of the novel coronavirus among the immigrant workers, were found Thursday, journalists from the AFP.

Dozens of workers in blue work and with their faces covered with strips of tissue more or less improvised as they worked on the backbone of the stadium, Lusail, which will host the final of the football world Cup, according to AFP reporters.

All kept a certain distance between them on the construction site of the stadium which should become the largest in the country, with a total of 80,000 seats, according to the same source.

The committee responsible for the organization of the tournament said in a press release ” reviewing the situation continuously, and ready to take the necessary measures to protect the health and safety of all workers and staff “.

“These measures may include the temporary suspension of the work (on construction sites) if needed,” they added.

Until now, the organizers of the World-2022 claimed to have registered eight cases of contamination with the novel coronavirus on the sites of three stages. No report has been given by the organisers for the past six days.

The authorities qataries have officially declared for their part 7764 cases of people infected by the disease COVID-19, including ten deaths.

From Sunday, the port mask will be mandatory for any person working in the construction industry and using equipment such as bobcats, announced the authorities of the country.

And the bus carrying employees from their workplace to their home must also ensure that their passengers sit sufficiently spaced to limit the risk of spread of the virus.

According to NGOS, the conditions of living and working conditions of migrant workers in the Gulf expose them more to the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus.

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