Global infrastructure project of the United States challenges China and its initiative opop

Глобальный инфраструктурный проект США бросает вызов Китаю и его инициативе ОПОП

For several years, the administration trump constantly bombarded with attacks on Chinese initiative opop (One belt, one road), calling it the “debt trap”, and calling on all countries to resist the attempts of China to implement on their territory infrastructure projects. The reason why us officials are trying to discredit opop is a new plan of Washington to establish a similar infrastructure schemes.The U.S. overseas private investment Corporation (OPIC), the Ministry of foreign Affairs and trade of Australia (DFAT) and the Japanese Bank for international cooperation (JBIC) introduced on Monday a rich platform Blue Dot Network under American leadership, which, according to the press release, OPIC, aims to provide “sustainable infrastructure development in the Indo-Pacific region and around the world.””The development of critical infrastructure when it is initiated by the private sector and supported on terms that are transparent, stable, socially and environmentally responsible becomes a fundamental factor for the diffusion of new economic opportunities, said David Bohigian from OPIC. – Thanks Blue Dot Network, the United States had the happy opportunity to combine efforts with key partners to unlock the full potential of high-quality infrastructure with the goal of providing unprecedented conditions for the progress and stability”.”The launch of the Blue Dot Network not only creates a solid Foundation for global standards of trust in the infrastructure, but also highlights the need for a global umbrella standards of trust in other sectors, such as digital and financial services, as well as research – said Deputy Secretary of state for economic growth, energy and environmental protection kit Crac. Such global standards of trust, based on the principles of transparency and accountability, respect for state sovereignty, property and resources, local labour laws and human rights, the rule of law and the priority of environmental protection, and sustainable management practices in procurement and financing, are promoted not only by private sector companies and civil society institutions, but also governments around the world.””Australia promotes high quality infrastructure, inclusive approaches and increase the flow of private investment in the Indo-Pacific region, said Deputy Secretary of DFAT, Richard Maude. – It is pleasant that our position is shared by the leaders of the East Asian summits, and we look forward to working closely with our regional partners to platform Blue Dot Network effectively serve this purpose.””Blue Dot Network is an initiative that promotes high quality infrastructure investment undertaken by G20 countries, said Tadashi Maeda, managing Director Japan Bank for international cooperation. Since JBIC has many years of experience of infrastructure financing around the world, we are happy to share this experience and contribute to further development of the platform Blue Dot Network”.The Minister of trade United States Wilbur Ross, said in an interview with the Financial Times on the eve of the launch of the platform: “Each blue dot is intended to indicate another point on the world map, which will be a safe place for companies, if they are interested in long-term infrastructure projects… the Main thing is to demonstrate a serious attitude to participate in long-term projects”.The Blue Dot Network platform is being developed by trump administration as an alternative and direct competitor to the Chinese initiative of “One belt, one road”. Published by the Australian Lowy Institute Asia Power Index shows that the United States remains a major force in Asia. However, there are worrying signs that China is rapidly gaining strength and is able to displace the U.S. in the next decade.”The United States remains an important but not a major economic player in Asia, ‘ said Herve Lemagie, head of the Asian studies program at the Lowy Institute. They’ll have to get used to it”.Washington’s role in the world over the last decade, decreased markedly after China launched its massive infrastructure initiative opop in more than 152 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and America.So, there is an emerging global battle – Chinese vs American opop Blue Dot Network. The world economy is falling apart, and this opposition would only create more volatility in the coming years.

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