“Global security” law: demonstrations all over France but signs of running out of steam

    “Global security” law: demonstrations all over France but signs of running out of steam

    CONTESTATION – Demonstrations took place this Saturday, December 19 across the country to protest against the proposed comprehensive security law. But the mobilization seems to be showing signs of running out of steam.

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    On this last weekend before the Christmas holidays, and for the fourth consecutive week, processions bringing together several hundred people marched in several large French cities. Purpose of these parades: to challenge the Global Security bill that they consider to be liberticidal, but also more generally the policy of the government.

    Unlike in previous weeks, these gatherings did not take place under the auspices of the # stopLoiS SécuritéGlobale collective, made up of unions, journalists’ societies and associations, but with the support of smaller organizations such as the League of Human Rights. Man, Solidaires, and Unitary Trade Union Federation. And the mobilization seemed to show signs of running out of steam.

    Paris, Lille, Brest, Strasbourg …

    In Paris, a few hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the Council of State at the call of the yellow vests, framed by the police present en masse, before taking the direction of the Pont des Arts. They wanted to organize a “power march“passing through the Senate, Matignon and the National Assembly but their route has been retested by the prefecture”due to the risk of public disturbances“in an area with many shops.

    In Lille, opponents of the Global Security law joined members of the Sélom and Matisse collective, named after two young people who died in a train. This collective had called to demonstrate all in black, three years after the facts, to request a reconstruction in order to clarify the role of the police in the drama. The demonstrators were around 500 according to the prefecture, which deplores damage to a bus shelter and trash can fires.

    To the cries of “everyone wants to film the policeand “or”Total withdrawal of the ‘Global Security’ law“, it is also some 500 people, according to the organizers, who marched in Strasbourg, again without incident. In Bordeaux, about 200 people, including a figure of the yellow vests movement, Jérôme Rodrigues, demonstrated against the”liberticidal lawss” et “Macron and his world“. The demonstration took place without incident, according to the police, the demonstrators respecting the route they had declared without attempting to enter the perimeter of prohibition to demonstrate defined by prefectural decree.

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    In Brest, the demonstrators were 500, according to the police, 700, according to the organizers. Towards the end of the demonstration, the procession split in two. A party went to pay tribute to Édouard Mazé, a historical victim of police violence in Brest. The other half went to the police station where police units were waiting for them. A few tear gas canisters were thrown and two young people arrested.

    The protesters were 300 in Rennes, 120 in Saint-Nazaire, 110 in Reims. In Nantes, according to the prefecture, “there was no actual procession“. Indeed,” la demonstration being prohibited, the police broke into small groups“people arriving at the rally.

    Last Saturday, thousands of people marched under a very strong police presence throughout France to denounce the proposed comprehensive security law, but also the government bill on separatism.

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