Global Times: take Russia “exchange olive branch” — in the interests of Europe

Global Times: принять от России «валютную оливковую ветвь» — в интересах Европы

Russia in recent years actively fighting the dominance of the dollar and “holds out an olive branch” to the European currency, declining oil transactions in U.S. dollars. Writes the Global Times, Europe has realised that strengthening and continuation of the confrontation with Russia is vzaimoponimanii option, however, it is unknown whether the EU will take this branch of assistance, as American pressure on the continent is still very important.

In recent years, Russia has consistently demonstrated its commitment to implement the strategy of de-dollarization, and the news that the Russian oil company fully transferred the settlement of transactions with oil from dollars into euros, has attracted interest from the Western media. Writes the Global Times, thus, Moscow is struggling with the dominance of the dollar and holds out an olive branch to euros, which to a certain extent, the interests of the EU, however, this raises the question: will Europe this olive branch, because the pressure the US is still very important.
As the newspaper notes, in recent years, the European Union also suffers from “us bullying”. After the United States withdrew from Iran’s nuclear programme and renewed sanctions against Iran, major European companies, one after another was forced to stop his investment. The main reason for this was the fear of possible sanctions based on the financial system of the US dollar. The United States demand that the EU fully supported by their stable hegemony in the region, but no rewards for it. Increasingly, the EU is unhappy with this. He does not want to respect domestic and foreign policy to act at the behest of the US and seeks to become “independent” of the world.According to the author of the article, Europe has realised that strengthening and continuation of the confrontation with Russia is vzaimoponimanii option, because Europe itself is an avant-garde force for US to deter competitors, but still it is impossible to predict to what extent the EU is ready to accept the position of Russia. Both sides is difficult to avoid the structural contradictions in the geopolitical arena, that is a major factor in preventing a significant warming in bilateral relations.In addition, the EU is concerned about the development of Russia’s oil and gas resources and hinders its desire to strengthen its control over European energy market that could lead to the fact that Europe from the host will be guest. Also, the EU is concerned that further cooperation between Russia and Europe in the energy and financial sectors may lead to pressure from the United States. That is why Europe is now fluctuating in the manifestation of goodwill towards Russia.However, the paper concludes, Russia’s efforts to promote the development of the international monetary and energy balanced systems in a fair and reasonable direction deserve recognition, so it is hoped that Europe and Russia will be able to make a greater contribution to peace and stability in the Eastern part of the Eurasian continent.

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