Global Times: whether to keep Russia and China close relations, when Putin leaves office?

Global Times: сохранят ли Россия и Китай близкие отношения, когда Путин покинет свой пост?

From the Russians I respect economic adviser to President Vladimir Putin more than Putin himself. Sergei Glazyev was Minister of foreign economic relations of the Russian Federation at the age of 31 years. He later became Chairman of the State Duma Committee on economic policy and just two months ago was appointed a member of the Collegium (Minister) of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) of the Russian Federation, and this post will deal with issues of integration and macroeconomics of the Eurasian economic souzana the past three years, we Glazyev participated in the organization of the seven rounds of the Sino-Russian economic dialogue. He led the delegation of representatives of Russian elite, visiting Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Suzhou, and tried to persuade Russia to look East. Glazyev believes that the experience of China is of immense importance to Russia — China is not following the principles of Western-style democracy, and pays more attention to the modernization of public administration, it optimized the allocation of resources and to create the most complete industrial chain in the world by developing five-year plans, and also created a diverse financial system under the control of the Central Bank.Glazyev’s position reflects the recent years significant changes in the perception of the Russians of China. Some polls conducted in Russia show that about 62% of Russian citizens consider China a friendly country, and 68% of respondents are of the opinion that China is developing more successfully than Russia.Thanks to the popularity of China among the Russian public, its impact is felt in many principles and approaches on which Russia acts in recent years. Russia has followed the example of China in establishing special economic zones. Today in Russia there are about 30 special economic zones and more than 100 industrial parks, covering such industries as aviation, forestry and fish processing.In 2017, I was invited to participate in the annual meeting of the Valdai club, in which Putin appealed to the then Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese company “Alibaba group” (Alibaba Group) to the Jack MA Yun (Jack Ma Yun) for advice on how to develop cooperation in electronic trading platforms. Russia has now created a company Dakaitaowa, a platform of electronic Commerce, called “Russian Alibaba”. Russia hopes to introduce a mobile payments system and to create export and training centres for small and medium enterprises, like China did. The second of December was put into operation, the Chinese branch of the East route of Sino-Russian pipeline, bringing the two countries become more interrelated, as if they are blood relatives.Moreover, China and Russia has seven General objectives: maintaining social stability, ensuring the sovereign integrity, the realization of national revival, promote economic change, strengthen global governance, protection of world peace and prevent a “color revolution” instigated by external forces. Countries will be able to perform these tasks only in close cooperation. It should be included in the diplomatic strategies of both countries, and should be a rational choice for both companies.Both China and Russia are major emerging powers, whose relationship has reached the highest level on the background of relations between the big powers. They are ready to fight resolutely against the theory, which States that “a strong country will inevitably seek hegemony” and open a new era of civilization in Eurasia and mankind.For the period since 2013, Chinese President XI Jinping and Putin met on various occasions over 30 times. The two leaders develop relationships based on the future of humanity. But honestly, not all elites and ordinary citizens of the two countries assess their relationship in this way. In both countries there are Pro-Western people. Will he keep Russia the same close and friendly relations with China after Putin leaves office?Therefore, both countries must have a strategic confidence that the level of their current strategic mutual trust high enough to ensure that in future no third party no impact on their relations and that these relations could be preserved in the face of uncertainty.To achieve this strategic confidence you need to in both countries had more wise people like Glazyev, who is not only theoretically proved the importance and feasibility of strategic mutual trust between China and Russia, but also encourages the two countries to know each other and learn from each other. Promising is the cooperation of Beijing and Moscow in the field of electronic Commerce, energy, Finance, foreign exchange operations, investment and education. In other words, along with the creation of the Alliance, and the limitless possibilities of their collaboration.Having entered a new period, both countries should not be confined to history and to constantly look for the dignity of each other. China can not send to Russia, and he does not need. Russia has many things that China could learn from, but Russia should be more welcoming to his neighbor.

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