Goal Chalova has brought CSKA victory over the “Akhmad”

Гол Чалова принес ЦСКА победу над «Ахматом»

Goal striker of the Moscow football club CSKA Fedora Chalova brought the team a victory over Grozny, “Akhmad” in the 29th round of the championship of Russia on football. The game was played at the home stadium of CSKA – “VEB-arena” and ended with the score 1:0 in favor of the hosts, reports “WORLD 24”.

In the game only goal was scored in the 65th minute of the game. Run up to the foul line Chalov provoked a foul from the defender Zaurbek Pliev, for which the referee awarded a penalty.

The striker successfully converted the opportunity, breaking into the near corner. Goalkeeper Eugene Cities ran in the opposite direction. This ball was for 21-year-old player’s 13th of the season.

Thus, CSKA scored 48 points and climbed to fourth place in the standings. “Ahmad” with 39 points and is in eighth place of the championship of Russia.

May 26, CSKA will meet with “Wings of the Soviets”, but the Chechen club on the same day will play with “Rostov”.