Golden business rules for Hebrew. That’s why they have a lot of money!

Why the Jewish people comes so easily conduct business and increase his wealth?

Золоті правила бізнесу по-єврейськи. Ось чому у них багато грошей!

Why the Jews are able to earn fortunes? What’s the secret to their financial wisdom? Why the Jewish people comes so easily conduct business and increase his wealth? In ancient Scripture it is written about the relationship of Jews to money, and for hundreds of years, this culture has not changed, only developed on a large scale, informs Rus.Media.

22 main rules to be followed by a real entrepreneur

Let the property of your brothers you will be as valuable as your own. No matter what business partner is a Jew one of the most honest.

Don’t waste your time. Just think how much time we waste waiting, transportation, thoughtless prosiguen online every minute is a gift and that moment should be spent with use.

Stay away from the bad neighbor. Why is the expensive housing in the center?! Yes, because housing is 50% of who your neighbor is. How better to start the day is to meet Vitali Klitschko in the Elevator or depressive old lady with 10 cats?!

Don’t say anything if you have nothing to say.

Work while the candle is burning. If our light (the life, the desire to work, desire to create) still burns you can’t stop – you need to go further.

We want money in difficult times. It is an investment in the future, with the investment with the highest return on invested capital.

Always greet the other person.

Everyone deserves words of gratitude.

They know what a wealth.

Stealing time – the thief, similarly as stealing money.

Pay workers on time.

You should not say everything you think.

Sometimes you have to give more than enough, if you really want to give enough.

The employer must know how he lives his employee.

If someone wants to kill you, kill him first.

Learn to say I need, stepping over the pride.

Let your word, no oath is binding.

Never insult the other person.

Plan your own life.

Reward yourself for good work.

Refer business to others.

Search for balance in life.