“Golden” meat: whether to wait for the Russians raise prices



At least 10% may increase the price of poultry, beef and pork in Russia. This will happen if the importers of feed additives will be obliged to pay VAT for three years. According to estimates of the Ministry of agriculture, the amount of charges from seven to ten billion rubles.

Will soon go up meat, TV channel “MIR 24” said the head of Executive Committee of National meat Association Sergey Yushin.

Sergey Yushin: this Situation arose for the last time. It stems from the fact that the Ministry of Finance, which for a number of years is officially confirmed by their letters, that the value added tax when importing feed additives is 10%, suddenly changed its position at the end of 2018 and stated that the value added tax amounts to 19-year 18, and then 20%.

Sergey Yushin: the Ministry of agriculture for several years, officially defended the position that VAT on feed additives must be 10%. And the Finance Ministry in this regard was supported by the Ministry of agriculture. If I understand correctly, maybe the Ministry of agriculture and remained such a position, but everything depends on the Ministry of Finance.

Sergey Yushin: I think it’s useless. There must be some kind of a conciliatory meeting. And the state also, in my opinion, must bear some responsibility for their actions. And possible errors Federal agencies must not adversely affect the operation of economic entities. I think that as a result of additional charges a number of companies can just cease to exist.