Gollandskii the Bank bought 40% of the project Sonyachna electrostats in Chigirin

Голландський банк купив 40% проекту сонячної електростанції в Чигирині

Norveska company Scatec Solar papasula favor of z gollandskim development Bank FMO about sales yomu 40% in project s budownictwa Sonyachna electrostats (EUFOR) pateint 55 MW in Chigirin (Cherkaska region), Podolia Scatec Solar.

“Mi red ovalocyte about other spaventando in acconomy Captal s dolgostroev our partner FMO. Mi precum z Yak FMO partner to the Borg I joint captulo in red proektu in Ukraine that NSA Cranach I accomo podalshe spitrit in niblick rocky”, said Scatec Solar CEO Raymond Carlsen.

The words of the Director s investici FMO Lndi Brecheisen, Perche podbil project included new construction of SES in Cam ENC (Cherkaska region).

“Patrica transition of Ukraine to nizkosoleva system vdova our strategy for zbilshennya our” green “investici I POM Aksana naslov SMN climate”, – pdreli won.

For data Scatec, General Suma investici in the project in Chigirin ochnulsya in EUR54 million Yogo rakhunok realsize sdissues for credits Evropeyskogo Bank reconstructs the development, Punce Cologne finansowo Corporat (NEFCO) and Swedfund (the “Shvedskii Fund”). Couple castke FMO fransse s The Access to Energy Fund, Yakima FMO upravlja od, etc Uryadov Nderland.

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