Gomi, Mediterranean house, the new restaurant serving southern cuisine, in delivery and take-out

    Gomi, Mediterranean house, the new restaurant serving southern cuisine, in delivery and take-out

    By Laura B. Posted December 22, 2020 at 12:25 PM Updated December 22, 2020 at 12:25 PM

    Despite a complicated period, chef Clémence Gommy has just opened her restaurant, Gomi, a Mediterranean house, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. While waiting to be able to have lunch at Gomi, her dishes with southern flavors and spices are available for delivery and take-out.
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    <p>The <strong>restaurateur Clémence Gommy</strong> just opened his <strong>restaurant</strong>, <strong>Gomi, Mediterranean House</strong>, in the <strong>2nd arrondissement of Paris</strong>, between the <strong>Grands Boulevards</strong> and the <strong>Path</strong>. <br/>While waiting to be able to receive his clients in his new establishment, the <strong>dishes with southern accents</strong> of <strong>Gomi</strong> are available in <strong>delivery</strong> et en <strong>takeaway</strong>.

    The decoration of Gomi signed by the architect Pablo Goury evokes holidays in Greece, sometimes a distant memory, for some. White lime and cement, pink marble, pottery, cane and pergola adorn Gomi. As for the crockery (to be discovered later, when it opens to the public), it was found at Emmaüs. Ultimately, Gomi will open for the lunch, the brunch (Saturday) and to taste.

    On the menu of Gomi, dishes with Mediterranean flavor. In particular of the roasted sweet potato with spices with its tehina à la harissa, a gravlax of Salmon at zaatar and its hummus with candied lemon or even pumpkin gnocchi served with a Mont d’Or roasted with zaatar for example.
    Gomi it is a cuisine inspired by Greece, of Lebanon, or even Tunisia, where the spices have their place. To this, the chef Clémence Gommy mixes some Japanese accents or even northern techniques.

    At the time of dessert – or to tasteGomi it is, among others, a beet cake and cookies to seeds and half.

    Clemence Gommy treated the sourcing of its ingredients : fresh and of season, French for the most part, even local when it’s possible.

    While waiting to be able to sit down at Gomi, we taste the dishes of restaurant at home.

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