Gone are the long queues in the sun

Fini les longues files d’attente au soleil

We should not wait in queue in 2020, according to a montreal entrepreneur who has created a system to wait in line at the place of the consumer, advising them of turn to the help of a simple text message.

“A waiting room, it should not exist anywhere. It is necessary that one stops to be sitting next to each other, all the sick, to the doctor. It has no sense “, illustrates Patrick Lepage, creator of the web application Keeoo.me (which is pronounced ” cue me “, that is to say, ” report me “, in English).

The web-based application that requires no installation, has been designed to be easy to use so as to encourage customers to buy more local, instead of ordering online.

“When you go in front of a trade, that you have the idea to go in this trade, but you see the queue and that it looks long, it gives the taste to go straight and buy on Amazon. This is not what one wants “, he adds.

“Thinking for the customers “

Company president Raphael U, a company that dresses the students in sixty schools, Mr. Lepage has originally created the application to meet the needs of its customers.

During periods of large achalandages, the company can serve up to a thousand customers per day and has to manage long queues, ” he explains.

“It has been thought for our guests, for those who have a telephone, those who do not, and those who do not understand how it works “, he says.

In the period of social distancing, it decided to make its app available to businesses.

Two clicks

For the consumer, it is not enough to click on the hyperlink passed by the store where he wants to go and enter his name to join the virtual queue. A SMS conversation then begins free of charge in the customer phone, and warns him when it is his turn.

If the person does not have a telephone, the trader can also enter it manually in the virtual queue.

“Currently, the person with the [disinfectant] at the entrance is super well placed to explain the process,” he says.

On the side of the merchant, it costs about 20 cents every time a customer joins the queue. The image of ” small numbers to the slaughter “, this is the company to choose his way of coping with the waiting, that either the fund, to services, to discuss with a counselor, etc

The queue can also be paused when there is no wait.

“The application is not quite arrogant to make decisions for the trader, it is simply a tool,” concludes the entrepreneur.

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