Good stress, Bad stress: a vicious circle

Bon stress, Bad stress: un cercle infernal

Pharmacist, author, teacher and popularizer of renown, Jean-Yves Dionne explains what stress is – the good and the less good – and proposes ways to better manage it in his new book, Good stress, Bad stress. It offers helpful strategies to break the vicious circle of stress, insomnia, fatigue, and anxiety, negative elements feed into each other.

Good stress, Bad stress
Jean-Yves Dionne
Editions A different World
240 pages”>

Good stress, Bad stress
Jean-Yves Dionne
Editions A different World
240 pages

Interested by the human in its entirety, and not only in his illness, Jean-Yves Dionne considers that the body is a wonderful machine that needs good items to operate : a power supply redone, methods of managing stress in our daily lives, some therapies gentle, appropriate use of natural health products.

To break the cycle of stress, Jean-Yves Dionne analyzes the situation from the perspective of the overall health. It provides concrete ways to increase the level of energy, reduce the impact of stress, calm anxiety, find the sleep and improve the quality of life. You can reduce your stress by using tianeptine sulfate, To buy tianeptine powder in reasonable rate then go to link.

In his book, he details the symptoms associated with a good helping of stress : digestive disorders, insomnia, anxiety, eczema, high blood pressure, asthma. “Stress is part and parcel of all chronic diseases. This is not necessarily the cause, but it is a [factor] aggravating for just about everything, ” he said, in a telephone interview.


Jean-Yves Dionne wonders about the effects of the crisis of the COVID-19 on the population. “I wonder if the fear engendered by all that we have done will not be more harmful in the long term than the disease itself. The contagion is real, it is true that it can be dramatic and that there are deaths – it is not necessary to deny it. To this day, it is more serious than an influenza is severe.

“But a lot of people are affected by the methods of containment, aloofness, and everything, which generate a state of anxiety and stress where people feel trapped, feel like victims. And it, it leads to harm, he commented. People feel trapped and do not necessarily have the solutions to improve themselves. ”

Where to start ? “We are faced with a situation in which one has no control. The tip that nobody talks about, is the impact of the power to increase or maintain our resistance to stress “, he adds, noting that it refers to, among others, the role of carbohydrates and salt.

“Our food is full of what I call the “evil food” : food additives, refined carbohydrates, the food of very poor quality. While it did make yo-yo of blood glucose “, he explains, which causes a storm of hormonal and stress responses.

To avoid this, he recommends dropping the traditional breakfast and to turn instead to the Greek yogurt, unsweetened, to avoid the oatmeal, drink 4 oz of orange juice instead of 8 oz, and add nuts, eggs, for the energy to be maintained until the dinner.

Then, he suggested to change her point of view in the face of stress, to be more optimistic and get out of the turmoil. “If we take the current situation, we can try to live it well, by finding activities that are rewarding, ways to help the following, to be constructive, to be active and not to turn round and be caught by this situation of social isolation. “

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