“Good” uncle gave 11-year-old girl a candy bar. Seeing her mother was stunned!

«Добрый» дядя подарил 11-летней девочке шоколадку. Увидев её, мать остолбенела!

A disturbing story about the daughter said the other day the inhabitant of Kiev, Yulia Lamas, Facebook.

A post titled “About “good guys” and “love” to the children or take care of KIDS!” shared more than 30 thousand times. We want the story of Julia read more people.

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About “good guys” and “love” to the children or take care of KIDS!

Write about what happened during those two days. Still shaking.

My daughter in the early autumn of 11 years old. Still a child, but not quite.

Last Thursday when we passed through the street which leads to our house, a man on the street left her with a phrase such as: “I remember you from last year”. I no the sentence is not given value, or to the person who it said were by yourself, my daughter has laughed — as some unknown man will remember her. Gone and forgotten completely.

Yesterday she came home from school that day (she always prozvanivatsya me where is, where goes and goes), and I found in the pocket of her jacket chocolate. We have a great relationship, and the fact that she didn’t tell me at once where, but only “then tell me,” he alerted. Took out a chocolate bar and found a receipt stuck to it — on the very candy bar, bought — attention! — at 6:50 am!!! We have ATB.

Then the daughter said that morning when she walked from the house to the metro (it is a 5-6 minute walk), close to metro, near the road she met a man who was so that to pass him was impossible, and he was waiting for her. The same man who last week noticed it and threw some phrase.

He said, “I waited for you, waited!”, and offered a chocolate bar. He also offered to put her while in my pocket and continued the conversation. It was 7:40 in the morning.

— A mother is probably sick, if you’re one?

— No, mom’s home.

— Mother must be late going to work?

— No, she’s at home working.

— Dad?

— He’s at work.

— You must be on “about” in school? (metro)

— No, I…(calling station)

Oh, so your school is there, perhaps?

— No, she…(call)

— You must be in … class?

— No, I … class.

Well, I’ll go with you, take you.

And went with her to her subway station, where she had to go.

Released on the platform, he leaned in and spoke quickly, so she came to visit him to work in the shop of K. (it is on the road to our house is close).

Everything that happened, the daughter is not told until I asked.

A million times and a thousand times I’ve told that to talk and to take something from strangers is impossible. Was showing videos on safety rules, a lot of show and tell. Despite the fact that I have obedient and intelligent child — she never suspected anything wrong.

My question is: “How could you?”, the answer was: “I thought that if it is bad, then everything would be different.”

Later, after several conversations with the daughter to find out all the reasons for its “obedience” an unknown man:

1. On the plain and a good uncle.

2. He’s a friend, and only because he spoke to her last week, so nothing to worry about.

3. He knows how to ask questions and to put it mildly — my daughter is completely do not remember his appearance, except for the age and voice. The voice says, was a good…

4. She was uncomfortable not to answer questions of the adult. It’s impolite!

5. Well, he couldn’t go with her and be silent — it’s too rude!

6. He gave her a chocolate? Well, he’s probably lonely and very kind!

So. Despite all my talk and the constant repetition of safety rules. I called the police. Photo accidentally stuck a receipt sent upon request. It was very clear that the man early in the morning, bought a chocolate bar and “pass” the baby near the road. And it is very clear that time in the morning on the road means noticed before that station she goes (it is always also performing his movements, all these 5-6 minutes to the subway and then, too).

The morning of the day.

In the morning I Packed my daughter off at school. Told her that I would go back further, and I took a tablet.

Exactly in the same place — near the transition to the metro, the sidewalk was the same kids. With her outstretched hands, and in a package with bright tangerines and a package of chocolates.

Was waiting for her. She approached, he spoke so well that she could hardly resist not to take what he offered. The daughter said that she did not understand how it happened, but she really was willing to take when he spoke to her. But she still took himself in hand and were silent. Only then it finally got really scared.

Hey, I bought tangerines and candy, take it!

— ….

— Ah, perhaps you do not take because mom won’t let?

— ….

— Well, we will do so — you come to me immediately after school in K., for a job, I’ll put it in the portfolio.

At that moment I came, quickly took a picture of him, yanked her hand and we quickly left. Home by another way…

And only today my child was scared, but she, but the ESA did not understand anything to do with it, the “good uncle”, get acquainted with the girls.

At this moment the police arrived. It works as a labourer, as I called the police and promised that he was no longer my child will not do.

Even when you conduct conversations with them — all the same trouble may occur. It’s the children. They still don’t understand, and the friendliness and politeness of daughters in our case, played a cruel joke. She me and said, “Mom, I didn’t realize this, I never thought it was a bad man.”

Well, she does not understand that under no circumstances impossible a strange friendship and an invitation to visit a man between 40 and girl age 11.

Only the control and support! Up to what age? I don’t know…

But many believe that high school is already independent. Especially since there is a phone, and my child is always prozvanivatsya every step on the way there and back…

And thank God that all ended well! After all, no wonder each of our way out of the house, a prayer Guardian angel and not only is she…With the permission of the police, attaching a photo of this “friendly lover of children” just at the moment when he offers sweets and tangerines to the child.

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