Goodbye cancer patients!

Goodbye cancer patients!

Bad times for cancer patients.

Monday, Radio-Canada informed us that they have paid the price for the last months of Covidian monomania. Several thousand cancers have not been diagnosed. And many treatments and surgeries have been postponed.

Men and women who could have been caught in time were not. Maybe we could have saved them, but they won't get away with it. Or they will be less likely to achieve it. They could have started the battle against the evil that is eating away at them, but they were not given the opportunity.


Officially, the health system was supposed to take care of them. Terrible illusion. In effect, they have been left out. Goodbye cancer patients! You had the wrong disease at the right time. You were not among the medical priorities of the health system.

What we see is that the anticovidian mobilization, which has legitimately dominated our minds, has left many people behind.

But sooner or later, what we suppress inevitably comes to the surface. And the problems that we deny come back to haunt us violently.

I put myself in the shoes of a man diagnosed with cancer to his surprise earlier this year, and who underwent surgery a few weeks later, just before the health care system dramatically slowed down his operations.


He has to mentally thank every day the insightful emergency physician who diagnosed his problem as well as his surgeon for his stubbornness in allowing him to get the operation on time, when hospital bureaucracy may have considered postponing the operation until the last minute. .

Every day, he looks at the sky and must tell himself that it would have taken a few more weeks for him to fall into the camp of collateral damage. This man knows he is lucky, I'm sure. He has to repeat it to his wife every morning.

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