“Goodbye, genius!”. The greatest minds in the world said goodbye to Stephen Hawking

The star just went into space. We lost a strange man.

«Прощай, геній!». Найвидатніші уми світу попрощалися зі Стівеном Хокінгом

Stephen Hawking was one of the most famous physicists of his generation, and after the sad news came of his death, the greatest minds in the world paid tribute to the legendary genius, reports Rus.Media.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, astrophysicist Christopher Austin Hadfield and scientist Lawrence M. Krauss – one of the many other famous colleagues of Stephen Hawking who had said goodbye to the Professor and to Express in the network, condolences to his family. An atheist and a science writer Steven Krauss said, “a Star just went into space. We lost a strange man.” Canadian space Explorer Chris Hadfield said: “Genius is so rare and wonderful. Goodbye, Professor Hawking, you have inspired and taught us everything”.

American astronaut Scott Kelly wrote that Hawking’s death is a loss to all mankind.” Filmmaker Errol Morris, who made a documentary 1991 “a brief history of time by Hawking,” said: “It was bound to happen, eventually. We were lucky that he lived so long, and I was lucky to work with him. A truly fabulous person.”

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