Goodbye, Madeleine

Au revoir, Madeleine

There are those characters that are more difficult to leave. For Sylvie Léonard, the Madeleine Legault is part of it. After four seasons to embody this mother rigid to the replica assassins in Letting go, the adventure will conclude next month with the release of the very last episode. “It’s a loss very difficult,” says the actress.

“I can’t believe that I’ll play more this character-here. I will miss her, ” breath Sylvie Léonard in the beginning of the interview.

It must be said that the actress is not likely to find certain traits of Madeleine Legault in his daily life, the character being “so far” from its own reality. But, over the rehearsals, then filming, Sylvie Léonard admit the have understood.

“There is nothing that looks like me in Madeleine, so it has been quite a challenge. Everything is played in the stage of creation. This is a woman who has an armor, that refuses to let down his guard. But it is also a character who has his flaws. And I think that’s why the public loves it as much. We often fall in love with characters who are around, who are not perfect, ” says the actress.

Because yes, the public has quickly embraced this new character with arms open wide. The latter has also allowed his interpreter to put the hand on two Gemini award for best supporting actress.


But this is not all. The public has also responded positively to a new comedy that deals with a difficult subject : depression. Let go revolves around Valerie Danault (Sophie Cadieux), who is trying to get his life in hand, after a burnout. It will then be backed up by his mother, Madeleine, in this process that wants to be anything but simple… or linear.

“We dare more to speak of difficult times that we have experienced, moments where you had to go seek help. I am not on any social network, then it may be more difficult for me to measure the impact week after week, but I have met several people who came to tell me that Letting go has made of the property. It is still taboo, the depression. But people are increasingly talking about it and it is so much better, ” says Sylvie Léonard.

So it is with a hint of sadness, but mostly serene, as Sylvie Léonard is now the page on this project.

“It’s part of my job. And I say to myself that it is still better that people get bored of our characters, rather than be tanned to see them “, she says.

The issue of Letting go is broadcast on Mondays at 19: 30 on Radio-Canada.

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