Google closed regular service

Messenger Google Allo stopped working.

Google закрила черговий сервіс

On 12 March 2019, the company Google announced the closure of its messenger Allo. The application was running in 2016. About the company’s plans to say goodbye to this service became known in December last year, but then the exact dates were not called. Now the ad on the website messenger Google makes it clear that the time has come, informs Rus.Media.

Additionally, in August of this year will also disappear, and the social network Google+, which has worked since 2011. Service and could not become a competitor to the popular network Facebook. And postal service Google Inbox launched in 2014, will run until the end of March 2019, after which it will become history.

These services will fill a cemetery with more than 40 of already completed projects, among which:

  • Picasa, (service for reducing long links),
  • Google Spaces,
  • Orkut,
  • Google Reader,
  • Dodgeball,
  • SearchWiki, and the like.