Google has developed sneakers that controls the weight of the person

A project called “Google Shoes” promises of combining comfort with health benefits.

У Google розробили кросівки, контролюючі вагу людини

New technologies never cease to amaze. In the struggle for the buyer are created unexpected developments aimed at simplifying modern life. As evidence of this, companya Google have created a unique running shoes equipped with sensors.

A project called “Google Shoes” promises of combining comfort with health benefits. According to the authors-developers, these shoes with special built-in sensors will measure and monitor the kilograms of its owner, informs Rus.Media.

To interact with these intelligent running shoes will be with the owner via smartphone. On changes in weight in either direction the Shoe will “report” the phone, which, in turn, will inform the owner about these problems.

According to the developers, their program will help to prevent obesity or exhaustion, and are also associated with weight fluctuations of the disease.

In addition to weight control, unusual sneakers will be to monitor physical activity of the owner.

These shoes assure innovators that will help track the condition and elderly relatives. Sneakers not only can send the latest data about weight and physical activity, but also to tell us about the fall and injury.

Though not a large number of people of age prefer to wear sneakers. And yet it is unclear as to how to clean and wash is Packed with sensors shoes? Can’t have people constantly wear only sneakers! It turns out that in real conditions the weight tracker will be conducted with a time interval.