Google introduced the Pixel 2 Buds

Google представила Pixel Buds 2

AirPods was not the first headphones, which were not required to connect to the smartphone by wire, but for some reason they have become the most popular wireless headset in the world. So popular that to produce something in a similar form factor, just want everything from Xiaomi and Huawei lick design AirPods almost entirely to Samsung and Google, who have taken only the idea, which nevertheless chose to modify a little bit. As a result, those and other get something very attractive. But Pixel 2 Buds have them all beat.

A few minutes ago, Google presented the second generation of earphones Buds Pixel. Unlike the original model, the new product has no wires and comes in an oval box, which is used for transporting and recharging. Not to say that Pixel 2 Buds clean copy AirPods, but at first glance begin to clearly understand who was inspired by the search giant, trying not feel to give.

Pixel 2 Buds better AirPods

Google представила Pixel Buds 2

Pixel have 2 Buds in-ear design that will only increase the likelihood of them falling out of ears

To Pixel 2 Buds was the most unlike the AirPods, Google has decided to make them in-ear. Probably, it will add bass to the headphones and have a positive impact on noise reduction, because even the loud clanging of the subway, most likely, will not manage to get under the silicone ear pads. However, only a passive defense Google didn’t stop there. In addition, the company’s engineers have equipped the Pixel Buds by adaptive sound technology which allows the headset to adapt to the conditions of the external environment. But the design of the charging case Buds Pixel 2 is almost completely similar to the one from the AirPods. Good or bad, will decide the user.
You have to give Google credit – this combination sound Pixel 2 Buds, probably and really be in the head, and sometimes two is better than AirPods. But due to the lack of Saosin that Apple had the foresight to equip in-ear Powerbeats Pro, stay in the ears of most users Pixel 2 Buds will be frankly so-so. If the original Pixel Buds in case of accidental loss from the ear could hang on the neck thanks to cable, the sequel runs the risk of the abyss forever, if you wear it not too gently.

What can Pixel 2 Buds

Google представила Pixel Buds 2

Pixel 2 Buds are more expensive than the AirPods, but given the available set of functions, it is logical

Pixel Buds 2 equipped with support for Google Assistant, the activation of which occurs via voice command, a set of gestures that facilitate playback control or challenge, but it is also a function of simultaneous translation, allowing in real time to translate foreign speech into one of several dozen languages. Despite the fact that Buds Pixel 2 can not work without a smartphone, Google developers have tried to make it so that they lose the connection as little as possible. Due to the high range connection is not interrupted even through three walls.

The battery life Buds Pixel of the second generation to 5 hours. Not a record, but quite good for headphones of this size. The complete case will allow you to defer discharge for another 24 hours. This means that in the mixed cycle use headphones to withstand up to two days without recharging. Importantly, in practice autonomy was not half bad, as it often happens in competition. Therefore, if Google we were not lied to and Pixel 2 Buds really such, as they said from the stage, their price $ 179 seems quite reasonable. Another thing is to buy them until the spring of 2020 will still fail.

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