Google Maps shows areas of COVID-19 cases

Google Maps shows areas of COVID-19 cases

Google Maps is getting up to speed with the coronavirus: the site and mapping application of the American giant Google will now be able to reveal on its maps, consulted by users, the areas of COVID-19 infection.

“When you open Google Maps (…), click the tab to the right on COVID-19 Information and you will see the rate per 100,000 of COVID cases over an average of seven days in the area of the map that you're watching, ”Google said in a blog post on Thursday.

On the map of a district or destination that he visits, the Internet user will also be able to see if the cases tend to increase. A color coding will identify the density of cases ranging from gray (less than one case) to red (between 30 and 40 cases), then dark red (over 40 cases per 100,000) through yellow and orange.

Google, which claims to be able to offer this map information in 122 countries, indicates that it draws its information for the United States, in particular from Johns Hopkins University, which is the benchmark for counting cases of infection.

Google Maps also says it draws its information from the New York Times and Wikipedia.

The data will also be based on the update of the health situation established by WHO, public authorities and local institutions.

“Over a billion people are turning to Google Maps for essential information on how to get from place to place, especially during the pandemic when health concerns come to the fore,” writes Sujoy Banerjee, director product at Google Maps.

“So this week, we're introducing a new feature to Maps, a tool that reveals vital information about COVID-19 cases in an area, so you can make informed decisions about where you want to go and what to do,” he said. added the manager.

The pandemic of the new coronavirus has killed at least 978,448 people worldwide since the appearance of the first cases in December, according to an assessment established by AFP from official sources on Thursday.

The United States is the most affected country in terms of both deaths and cases, with 201,910 deaths for 6,934,233 recorded cases.

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