Google promises $ 275 million for the fight against racism

Google promet 275 millions de dollars pour lutter contre le racisme

Google announced on Wednesday that it would pay $ 275 million to various causes, to fight against racial discrimination, including the $ 100 million already promised by its online video platform YouTube.

In a letter to employees, Sundar Pichai, the boss of Google and Alphabet, the house-mother, said he was arrested by the tragic events that have struck the black community in recent weeks and caused demonstrations of anti-racist scale throughout the country and awareness on discrimination.

“As a company and as individuals who came here to create products useful to all, GMB to bring the energy of these events in the change of sense, and sustainable,” he promised.

Internally, the company is going to do more to hire and promote African-Americans in the management of the company.

The goal is to improve by 30% the representation of groups in the minority by 2025.

Mr. Pichai also promised to recruit more members of visible minorities and to better integrate them into the company.

But, acknowledges that the group –which has made more than $ 34 billion of net income in 2019 — ” beyond our products, we know that racial equity is inextricably linked to economic opportunities “.

In addition to the $ 100 million already announced by YouTube to help artists black, Google will pour $ 50 million financial assistance for small businesses, afro-american, 100 million to fund startups in the community, 15 million to help with job training, and $ 10 million to facilitate the access to education on the platforms of the company.

Google thus joins a long cohort of companies that have publicly announced initiatives to show their solidarity with the movement Black Lives Matter and the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators who marched to the United States for weeks to denounce the police violence, and more broadly, the systemic racism which flange the aspirations of the afro-american population.

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