Google want to punish for the high popularity of Android

Google хотят наказать за высокую популярность Android

Human psychology is a strange thing. If someone is successful, there will always be those who will think that it was unfair. But one thing when we are talking about a banal envy, and quite another when so begin to think antitrust authorities. As a rule, they are very light on punishment. Take the case of Google, which was accused of illegal preloading its services on smartphones running Android, and forced her to give it up, propped by a fine of five billion. So when the same company filed a claim due to the high popularity of Android, personally, I wasn’t even surprised.

As CNBC reports, prosecutors in all 50 States of the United States made a requirement to carry out antitrust investigation against Google. The reason for this was the dominant position of the company in the market search engines and mobile operating systems. In the words of Ken Paxton, the Texas state attorney, his concern that the share of Android accounts for about 80% of the total mass of all operating systems. This is Google opens wide opportunities for all kinds of abuse, which the competing companies risk being at a disadvantage.

Does Google have competitors

In fact, the market of mobile operating systems almost entirely owned by Google, says Paxton. She tries to resist the Apple, but its share is too small to be considered serious competition. What to say about the smaller companies which do not have such resources. It turns out that they don’t even have a chance to win the same audience, because the market is already occupied by Google, which doesn’t let the market anyone. Therefore, the goal that is put before the Supervisory authorities, is to check the legality of the situation.

Despite the fact that the Prosecutor’s position seems quite clear, the Agency did not forward to Google clearly formulated claims. It is not very clear, what is to blame the search giant, after all, to accuse the company that it managed for its efforts to conquer the market, not very smart. But most importantly, it is unclear how the antitrust agencies will deal with the influence of Google. In any case, prohibit manufacturers to install Android it would be not only foolish, but also, obviously, illegal, whereas the other effective way of planting rival operating systems just yet.

The sacrifices had to go Google

Google already has made enormous concessions to the antitrust agencies started to offer Android without Google services, which successfully uses Huawei and other Chinese manufacturers are not paying any royalties, and also offered the opportunity to replace the stock browser and search for a rival. Appropriate notifications will be sent to all users of devices running Android that can leave it as is or, if desired, to choose alternative tools for working with the Internet.

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