Google warn about the latest phishing techniques of the Covid-19

Google avertit sur les dernières techniques d’hameçonnage à la Covid-19

SAN FRANCISCO | Spam, phishing (” phishing “), malware : the health crisis of Covid-19 is seen as an opportunity by groups of hackers backed by foreign States, according to Google.

The giant of online search has made the point Wednesday in a blog post on the many attempts to take advantage of the crisis of Covid-19 to entrap employees of government or international organizations.

“A campaign notable has targeted the personal accounts of officials in the u.s., employees of the government, with messages of phishing, which appeared to come from restaurants of fast food restaurant communicating on the Covid-19 “, said Shane Huntley, the Threat Analysis Group, Google, who tracks down threats to cyber security.

“Some emails that offered free meals and discount coupons, other return to so-called sites of online orders, designed to get a login in Gmail for those who click on the links “.

Some pirates are also spending for health institutions to trap their victims and make them download malicious software.

Out attempts at foreign manipulation, Google had already indicated last week detect 18 million messages trapped in a relationship with the Covid-19, per day, on Gmail, in addition to the 240 million spam emails daily relating to the health crisis.

The california-based company promises to be always able to block 99.9% of these attempts before they can even reach their target.

She announced on Wednesday the awarding of $ 200,000 grants to researchers that will help to identify the different vulnerabilities and weak points of the system.

Only positive point, the volume of attacks carried out by groups supported by States would not be increased — “it is just a change of tactic,” says Shane Huntley.

This volume has even decreased slightly in march, a sign that ” the pirates, like many other organizations, are facing delays in productivity and problems related to the global effort of containment and quarantine.”

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