Google will strengthen the audit of the advertisers

Google va renforcer la vérification des annonceurs publicitaires

Google announced on Thursday that it would strengthen the control of advertisers on its platform in an effort to eliminate fraud and ” bad actors “.

This initiative comes at a time of growing concern about advertisements promoting, among others, false treatment for the new coronavirus.

The Internet giant and world leader of digital advertising will begin to check the advertisers in stages in the United States before expanding this programme to a global scale.

This decision is based on the efforts of Google launched in 2018 to review the advertisers ‘ policies and force them to indicate where they are.

“In the framework of this initiative, advertisers will need to follow an audit program to buy ads on our network “, said the head of the authenticity of the Google ad, John Canfield, in a blog article.

“Advertisers will need to submit a personal identification, incorporation documents, business or other information proving who they are and the countries in which they operate “, he detailed.

The aim, according to him, is that in a ” few years “, users can click on a link to get information on specific advertisers.

“This change will allow people to more easily understand who is the advertiser behind the ads they see on Google and will help them to make more informed decisions “, he commented.

This will help ” to sustain the health of the ecosystem of digital advertising in detecting bad actors “, finally stressed the head of Google.

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