Goran Bregovic: it is Foolish to spend the best years of your life to work. EXCLUSIVE



Composer, musician, one of the most famous performers of Balkan and Gypsy music , Goran Bregovic gave an exclusive interview to TV channel “WORLD 24”, in which he told how he got out of the rock, why did you call your band “Wedding-funeral orchestra” and will re-write the music for the movie.


Goran Bregovic: If you look at history, you will find that any music begins with the traditions. From Stravinsky to Bob Dylan. Not surprisingly, when you start to write music based on the traditions because the music is born deeper than language. We can observe how the culture of a small country affects a large country, not only in music but also in cinema and kitchen. The world is a very interesting place.

Goran Bregovic: My rock-n-roll, too, was closely associated with folk music.

Goran Bregovic: It’s more of growing up. At one point you grow up, change diapers for pants. The rock’s diapers, my music grew out of them, replaced bright outfits for a more natural color.

Goran Bregovic: I was always surrounded by Gypsies. I come from the Balkans. It is believed that when you compose or play music, you’re doing Gypsy work. I remember when I got the first money for the music, my father said, “I Hope you are going to wind up this Gypsy work.” But I still do it.

Goran Bregovic: In the Balkans have a tradition: after the funeral everyone goes to the house of the dead, eat and drink while the musicians play the favorite music of the deceased. In principle, the same as and at weddings. So the bands we have spetsializiruyutsya on these two events. At the funeral you can hear cheerful music, if her loved dead. This life cycle.

Goran Bregovic: I wrote the music for “Time of the Gypsies” just as friends, I was already a big rock star in his country. Rock stars usually don’t work in a movie, it’s not cool. When a second film “Arizona dream”, the war began. I was in Paris. The third film “Underground” we have already made in the midst of war. You can say that my entire life story in the movie connected with the war. I worked in 20 movies, just because I had to survive. I don’t work in film for a long time.

When you’re young, you think you have a huge number of possibilities to explore different sides of creativity. Then you realize that life is short and we need to focus on one thing. I decided not to waste time on movie.

Goran Bregovic: I had too much time. Before the war, I don’t work. I learned one thing: the best years of your life is stupid to spend on the job. You should be happy. And at 45 you can start to work. I judge his life, because he began to run around at this age.