Gorbatyuk under investigation. As the Prosecutor’s office lost the documents in the case of the Maidan and who killed the security forces on 20 February 2014

Горбатюк под следствием. Как из прокуратуры пропали документы по делу Майдана и кто убивал силовиков 20 февраля 2014 года

Yesterday, the state Bureau of investigation has opened proceedings against a former Prosecutor Sergey Gorbatyuk. He led the Prosecutor’s office including murder on the Maidan security forces in 2014.

As you know, this story has still not been investigated, although a Gorbatyuk was a Department for particularly important cases and five years time.

Statement was filed, a team of lawyer Andriy Portnov. He argues that after the dismissal of Gorbatyuk from the case is missing two volumes, which dealt with the death of the policemen.

At Portnov found the missing documents and put them in the application. On one of the volumes is marked “videos”.

Горбатюк под следствием. Как из прокуратуры пропали документы по делу Майдана и кто убивал силовиков 20 февраля 2014 года

The consequence for those killed in the protests the police is one of the greatest mysteries in the history of the post-Maidan. If for killed protesters are already trials in which the accused employees of “Berkut”, who killed law enforcement officers is still not completely investigated.

“Country” answers the main questions about this case.

How to kill policemen

During the events on the Maidan 18-20 February killed 13 police officers. About two hundred of the militiamen received gunshot wounds and several hundred other injuries. Of them the victims admitted about 500 people.

This escalation on the Maidan, which killed dozens of people, ended with the consent of Yanukovych in the supply of foreign ambassadors and the signing of an agreement with the opposition on the re – election of the President, on the enactment of the 2004 Constitution (with the curtailment of the powers of the President) and the conclusion of the Central Kiev government troops.

Most likely, if not mass murder the morning of February 20, the President would not have signed the best maydanovtsam document. Thus there is reason to believe that the massacre on the Maidan only worsened the situation, Yanukovych and he was not needed.

But back to the shooting. Discusses three main points where it was coming from: it’s the Conservatory, the hotel “Ukraine” and barricades, behind which were “berkutovets”.

The first point (Conservatory) was exactly under the control of protesters. Which previously been exonerated in 2014, by adopting the law on Amnesty.

However, timid attempts to find out who was firing from the Conservatory and hotel Ukraine’s security forces were.

How the power worked version of fault of the protesters

In 2015, the Prosecutor General’s office conducted searches of “svobodovets”, which rented rooms at the Ukraine at the time of the shootings. As claimed by the MP Serhiy Leshchenko, in room 1132 of the hotel, Okuda foreign journalists saw the shooting, there lived a Deputy of “Svoboda” Igor Yankiv. The next room they filmed “svobodovets” Alexander Sych.

However it ended in nothing. “Svoboda” after the search was interrogated at the Prosecutor General’s office and released.

In 2016 a new episode of “Country” published an excerpt from a court decision, which indicated that the participants in the famous massacre near Slavyansk in April 2014 (after which the Russian TV showed “Yarosh”) used weapons that were being fired on police on February 20.

“The investigation established that the killing of soldiers PERSON_12 and PERSON_14, as well as causing a fire and bodily harm ЛИЦУ_16, ЛИЦУ_17 and ЛИЦУ_18 was made from one instance of the weapon. It is also established that the same weapon was used 20.04.2014 about 14:00 during a clash at a checkpoint on the road between the villages of Bylbasovka and Cherkasy Slavic district, Donetsk region, which killed three people from the so-called “militia DNR” and two people wounded by the attackers”, – said in the ruling of the Pechersk district court.

But this line to any consequences failed. The participants of the Slavic massacre, which, as it turned out, were members of the “Right sector”, no suspicion had not been announced.

In April 2018 was suddenly detained the citizen Ivan Bella, who two years earlier had personally told fired at police from the Conservatory. He tried to take a measure under the article “assault on a police officer,” but under pressure from nationalists, this did not happen, and the Prosecutor General’s office changed the article to one that falls under the Amnesty, and Bell came out of the blow.

But after this case finally clarified the picture of what is happening February 20 – even in the materials of the Prosecutor’s office it was noted that the fire first started it was the protesters and that the shooting and caused the subsequent massacre.

With the Bell, by the way, fired and Parasiuk – father and son (the future MP), but no procedural movements was not.

The investigation tried to deal with the “rifle Pashinsky,” which was discovered at the Maidan on 18 February.

However, this attempt took place two years after the future MP rescued the owner of the rifle, and took him away from the Maidan. Examination showed that this someone was shot. But was it the gun or it had to change – is unknown.

More attempts to sort out who the protesters were shooting at police – it was not. At the same time in mass killings on the Maidan blamed the militiamen. The defendants were five former Berkut officers, the court which extends until now.

“Behind the snipers was not Yanukovych”. That said, outside of officialdom

Existed many versions and theories that were part of the official investigation.

This point of view of representatives of Yanukovych’s government, which accused the protesters of murder, and the version of the former head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko, who believes that organized the massacre in Russia. There is also the testimony of the citizens of Georgia, who allegedly fired on independence to increase the activity of the protests (however, me ukranskoe consequence of them not talking).

That is, these versions depend on a “designated seat” of their authors.

More interesting in this context, the data of the head of the Commission of inquiry of Rada of the last convocation Gennady Moskal. Officially, he was accused of killing the police. But in a media interview said that the result of the Gorbatyuk destroyed all the information on executions and from.

He also said that the first shot was made by the police as a provocation. This, in his opinion, made some “public organizations”, which got out of control.

I wonder what the “third force”, which is shot by police, was on the phone representative of the Union for foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton and the Estonian foreign Minister Urmas of Patt.

“And that was unpleasant enough – the same Olga (Bohomolets – Ed.) told me that all the evidence points to the fact that the people who were killed by snipers from both sides, policemen and people on both sides… that the same snipers killing people from both sides. […] She showed me some pictures, told me that the doctor can talk about the same handwriting, on one type of bullets, and it is extremely disturbing that the new coalition is unwilling to investigate what really happened. So stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers was not Yanukovich, but somebody from the new coalition”, – said Paet as published on the YouTube recording, the authenticity of which is acknowledged by the parties to the conversation.

Zelensky remembered about the murdered policemen

As already mentioned, all the threads of the Affairs of the Euromaidan were in the Office of special investigations of the GPU, which was headed by Sergey Gorbatyuk. And, if the case for the killings of protesters somehow investigated, who and why killed the policemen – still the official conclusions yet.

Probably because the truth was inconvenient to have come on the Wake of the Maidan government.

After his retirement Mr. Yan described the conversation with the President where he put blame him what not investigated the murder of law enforcement officers on the Maidan. What Mr. Yan said that the investigation is conducted.

But, as is evident from the published Portnov information, it is not so.

Will the new volume of the case to deadlock in the investigation, only time will tell. But, apparently, it all depends ultimately on the political will of the authorities.

In the end, as seen in the revelations of the same Jingles, the ones who shot at police on 20 February and was hiding this fact. Confident of their impunity. And, until recently, it was.

If now appears the will to investigate, find the perpetrators, who had already given grateful evidences, will not be difficult.

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