Gorgeous Jill: homemade protein became an Instagram sensation

Великолепная Джилл: домашняя белка стала Instagram-сенсацией

Adorable squirrel Jill that was saved in 2012 during hurricane Isaac in Louisiana (USA), has become a real star of Instagram. Nice rodent, which is seven years have your account @this_girl_is_a_squirrel with more than 600 thousand subscribers.

How to write the Western media, the sensation of her last but not least made a friend, little Teddy bear, without which the squirrel can’t sleep.

The proteins profile saying that she was “a vegetarian, an expert in parkour, whose only fear is the vacuum cleaner”. In addition, States that “she loves every Starbucks napkin he meets”.

Your seventh birthday Jill celebrated not so long ago, October 18.

The owners of the proteins also pet an unusual pet, cute outfits for special holidays, such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

LeMonade offers to get acquainted with a charismatic animal.

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