Gorilla escaped from the rain and became famous in the Network

Гориллы сбежали от дождя и прославились в Сети

In the zoo of the U.S. state of South Carolina in the video got a funny moment with the gorillas. As it turned out, the animals don’t like rain, reports .

In particular, in the Zoological Park and garden Riverbanks was raining. Several of the gorillas – male and females with calves – were at this time in the outer enclosure. Animals do not like the weather. They leaned against the wall and tried to hide from the drops.

One of the females looked out from under the covers and hid again. Then one of them ran for cover into the inner enclosure. Behind her, a little while, followed by the rest, while they had a pretty funny expression.

“Gorrilas do not like to be caught in the rain. Our staff noticed a family that was headed inside to avoid the rain…We can understand them,” commented live in the zoo.

Video with animals scored more than 400 thousand views and hundreds of comments. Users were amused by the behavior of gorillas. Many have sympathized with the animals – “I look when hiding from the rain”, “That’s cool. They are beautiful and clever”, “Excellent video of the reaction of the gorillas in the rain”.

Earlier users of the social network won a selfie with a gorilla, which was made by one of the workers anti-poaching Virunga national Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.