Gosleksluzhba banned in Ukraine, the immune drug of the Russian production

After the requirements to economic entities which carry out the implementation of this medicines you need to take the necessary measures.

Держлікслужба заборонила в Україні імунний лікарський препарат російського виробництва

The relevant regulations are issued by the State service for medicines and drug control, the press service of the Ministry, informs Rus.Media.

“Forbidden sale, storage and use of the drug Polyoxidonium vaginal suppositories and rectal 12 mg, 10 suppositories, produced by “NPO Petrovax farm”, Russian Federation, marked in Russian”, – the document says.

In this case the regulator clarified that it took this decision in order to actively counter the spread of unregistered medicines and such, which are not officially imported into the territory of Ukraine.

Now subjects of managing who carry out sale, storage and use of medicinal products without delay after receipt of this order to check the presence of said drug, and when it is detected it must be withdrawn from circulation for subsequent disposal or destruction.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has banned the sale, storage and use of medicine “has Prescribed”. The ban came a series of drugs scares to claim it from the State service on control over drugs.

After the orders of all pharmacies and hospitals, as well as other economic entities, which carry out sales, storage and use of drugs, urgently needs to take action.

It is also known that the Ministry of health of Ukraine approved the new list of medicines which are included in the program of Available drugs. It is noted that only the updated register included 258 drugs, including drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes and asthma. Furthermore, 64 drugs are free for patients, and others with a small Supplement. The Ministry of health noted that the cost of the cheapest drug in the list of free medicines is 4.76 hryvnia, and the most expensive – 898,22 of the hryvnia.