Got stung by a jellyfish: what is possible and what is impossible to do categorically

Ужалила медуза: что можно, а чего нельзя делать категорически

Summer — time for vacations and long-awaited visits with sandy beaches and salty sea water. And how great the disappointment, if during the cherished holiday are faced with the ill-fated marine life — jellyfish.

On the Black sea coast possible to meet only 3 species of jellyfish (kornerot, Mnemiopsis and Aurelia), burns which, though not dangerous, but can cause a lot of unpleasant consequences. Burning, pain, redness — the minimum a bouquet of pleasures, and if you get a fair distribution and not take adequate measures, a vacation, consider ruined.

Ужалила медуза: что можно, а чего нельзя делать категорически

Don’t know what to do if stung by a jellyfish? No need to panic! Experienced physician to tell the version of “So easy!”, what action to take if you become the victim of a poisonous dweller of the sea. Highly recommend to read to anyone who’s going on vacation.

The bite of a jellyfish

Most of the jellyfish, even the most seemingly innocuous, hides in your body graceful jelly-like stinging cells — nematocide that they need to protect from enemies and killing prey. Dangerous cells of jellyfish are like a harpoon: shoot, fixed on the skin and in the subtlest channels is injected into the victim’s body the poison of nervously-paralytic action.

The stinging cells remain on the skin and continues to inject poison, causing nasty burns. The effects of contact with a jellyfish can be very painful, if not in time to act.

Ужалила медуза: что можно, а чего нельзя делать категорически

The symptoms of sunburn

  1. The first thing that feels a victim — a sharp pain and unbearable burning sensation, but this is only the beginning.
  2. Often an allergic reaction to the bite may be accompanied by rash and small blisters that can merge together.
  3. If affected a large area of the body, the victim has body temperature rises and there is a General intoxication (nausea, vomiting, headache).
  4. In severe cases, a jellyfish sting can lead to anaphylactic shock and angioedema.

Ужалила медуза: что можно, а чего нельзя делать категорически

There is a certain algorithm of actions, which should adhere to, if you’ve got the burn from a jellyfish. From the observance of these simple rules depends on the size of the inflammation and the consequences!

First aid

  1. The first thing to do is to stop contact with the poison. After receiving a burn, you should immediately exit the water and begin treatment of the affected area of the skin. While bathing the burn might seem minor, but over time, the action of the poison increases.
  2. Next, you need to clean the burn. The fastest way is to abundantly rinse the affected skin with salt water or 50% soda solution. In any case, do not use for this purpose fresh water! It only activates poisonous stinging cells, causing more pain and burning.
    Ужалила медуза: что можно, а чего нельзя делать категорически
  3. Never RUB it in the burn hands and don’t try to get rid of all the tentacles of jellyfish with fingers.
  4. The guide for seafarers, developed by who, suggest to put on the affected area with shaving cream to remove from the skin unopened nematocyte.
    Ужалила медуза: что можно, а чего нельзя делать категорически
  5. After a few minutes to remove the cream, and with it the remaining poisonous cells a spoon, a plastic card, a razor, a thin metal nail file. This procedure is unpleasant, but it will help to minimize the amount of venom entering the bloodstream.
  6. To relieve symptoms you can put the affected body part in a container of hot water (40 °C) and drink a painkiller.
    Ужалила медуза: что можно, а чего нельзя делать категорически
  7. Although the web is full of such recommendations, but we urge you not to put on the burn vinegar, alcohol or urine, as did our grandmothers. By contrast, the use of these substances provokes nematocyte to throw out in blood more poison, which will significantly worsen the situation of the victim.
  8. After rendering first-aid in severe burns it is necessary to consult a specialist because some types of jellyfish can be very dangerous, and burns can cause serious complications.
    Ужалила медуза: что можно, а чего нельзя делать категорически

Interesting, but most often from contact with jellyfish affects children and adults of small weight, but bathers in the body, on the contrary, almost never get the ill-fated burns.

To avoid unpleasant encounters with jellyfish, don’t go swimming in a storm, learn myself and teach family to provide first aid for burns and going to travel the beautiful beaches of exotic countries, be sure to arm yourself with information about local sea and ocean inhabitants and the possible consequences of contact with them.

Ужалила медуза: что можно, а чего нельзя делать категорически

Even if the meeting with the jellyfish during summer vacation is not included in your plans, do not forget that gentle waves are fraught with many dangers. Follow our simple tips to avoid the painful effects of contact with jellyfish, but if you or your loved ones received an unpleasant burn, learn to provide effective first aid.

Be sure to share this useful article with your friends! Let poisonous jellyfish don’t spoil a long awaited vacation for you and your loved ones.

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