Goto Sony smartphone z the main camera on SST Ob ctuv

Have merezhi z’yavylasya information about planning compan Sony s issue smartfon in 2020 rotsi. . opubco japonski tematyczny resource AndroidNext s Poranny on anonimnogo Informator.
As previously reported, scho on cob rock, ukljucujuci the exhibition MWC 2020 in fierce, occurs couple models serednioho I flamanskogo Runa. About flagship pokey nichogo not known that, besides the fact scho VIN of zasnovani on topovi platform Snapdragon 865 ) Patria stulnikov merezhi n atogo pokolinnja 5G. Smartphone serednioho Runa Bassa on Snapdragon 655.

Sony готує смартфон з основною камерою на шість об’єктивів

Now AndroidNext sumv of ottimati more rozhodnut domest. Respectively to sources in year 2020 at least Vier model Sony Xperia to viewlets flugmaschine:

On smo XZ2 premium Xperia I Xperia 1 come Xperia 1.1 (basically camera W chotima Ob ctive, 5G, 4K) at the MWC 2020 lutana smo XZ2 compact Xperia – Xperia 3 (Patrina basically camera, 5G, 2K), terms to debut “soon” On smo XZ2 Xperia I Xperia 5 – Xperia 5.1 (basically camera W chotima Ob ctive, 5G, 2K) at MWC in 2020 lutana smo Xperia XZ3 – Xperia 0 (basically camera W schema modules, 5G , 5K) at the IFA 2020 to Veresk chotiroh flagman occurs three model serednioho rune:

On smo XA2 Xperia I Xperia come Xperia 10 10.1 (5G) at MWC 2020 in the dead On smo XA2 Ultra Xperia I Xperia 10 Plus – Xperia 9.1 (5G) at MWC in 2020 lutana smo XA2 Plus Xperia I Xperia 8 – Xperia 8.1 (5G) after IFA2020 in Veresk I only Japan inOur channel in the Telegram that the autobiography on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram TA – TSE zruchni method of Novi wastegate materials on sit. Z pictures, rozsirenie described with and without ad.

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