Gough posted a photo in costume and hinted at the wedding

Гуф выложил фото в костюме и намекнул на свадьбу

Rapper Guf in his Instagram posted a photo in costume with the caption: “She said Yes”. Fans left to wonder, what is meant by the artist. Most hoped that he met with the Kathy Topuria.

In 2017 the pair met, but later the soloist “A-Studio”, said that they do not get along and parted. Fans suspected the rapper of infidelity.

Recently Katie posted a photo of her and ex-husband Leo Gamanam. It was like a family reunion. After this, Guf has tried to return to his beloved, but the relationship to resume failed.

According to another version of PFM will take part in the show where, you may be able to find a soul mate. Some of the fans, by the way, decided that he resumed his relationship with ISA Anokhina. But most in this version believes because she dumped him after cheating and Hobbies banned substances. Besides, she is happily married with a surfer Dmitry. However, she admitted that the Guf does not give money for the maintenance of their son Themselves.

It is worth noting that in early April, media reported, the soloist of the group “A-Studio” Katie Topuria resumed relations with rapper Body six months after the breakup. The couple again spends a lot of time together.