Government announces plan to tackle pet abandonment

    Government announces plan to tackle pet abandonment

    “I hope that we can strengthen the sanctions in the event of abandonment of animals”, said the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Julien Denormandie, during an online press conference on Monday, December 21. The act could now be punishable by up to three years in prison ” as soon as these acts of mistreatment have been identified and demonstrated “, said Mr. Denormandie.

    The government has set up a plan to fight against the abandonment of dogs and cats, estimated at 100,000 per year, or more. It is “Raise awareness, support and sanction”, explained Julien Denormandie.

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    To fight against impulse purchases, a “Awareness certificate” must be signed before any purchase of an animal, to remind you of the care and vaccination obligations and the costs associated with owning an animal. A booklet will be distributed in elementary schools to raise awareness among children, continued the minister.

    Concerning the points of sale or adoption of animals, the government did not follow the proposal of the deputy La République en Marche (LRM) Loïc Dombreval to reserve this sale to professional breeders, approved amateurs and refuges. “When you go to a pet store, you have a project”, argued Julien Denormandie.

    An animal protection observatory

    A framework charter has been concluded with the Leboncoin platform to regulate internet sales. The announcements concerning dogs and cats specify the identification number of the animal, its age, its breed, if it is vaccinated… Other platforms, like Facebook, where the announcements are so numerous, are not concerned.

    A national animal protection observatory will be created to better assess the situation. The government also wants to help disadvantaged people to treat their animals by devoting 4 million euros for solidarity veterinary medicine.

    A decree will make the failure to identify cats punishable, which was not the case until now. Failure to identify will increase from a ticket of 4e class with a ticket of 5e class, more severe. The rural guards and municipal police officers could be empowered to carry out checks, the minister further underlined.

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    “What is announced today is a huge step forward, it’s unprecedented”, Loïc Dombreval told Agence France-Presse. But for the LRM deputy, while a bill on animal welfare will be discussed from January 26, ” We must go further “. For example, he would like the identification number of cats and dogs displayed on advertisements on Leboncoin to be crossed with the national file of dogs and cats to avoid fraud.

    Regarding the ban on sale in pet stores, during fairs and on the Internet, rejected by the government, “There will be amendments to the bill”, he specifies. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation also defends the end of online animal sales and judges, in a press release, that the charter presented on Monday is “A commercial masquerade”.

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