Graduates have a broken heart

Des finissants ont le cœur brisé

The closure of schools until September is a “hard blow” for many graduates, who clung to the idea of a return to the classroom by the end of the school year.

“When I found out, I cried a lot. It is a big shock, ” says Florence Gougeon, a student in fifth secondary school Samuel-De Champlain, Québec city, which was a lot involved to organize the prom and the album graduation.

“Everything we have prepared all the year round falls in the water,” she said.

Several of his friends are also very disappointed. Some, who experience difficulties with their families, worry for the weeks to come, “adds Florence :” They will not have the help they would have usually at the school “.

“Rite of passage “

The disappointment is too great for Ann-Frederique Giguere, ending at the Séminaire Saint-François, Saint-Augustin, in the suburbs of Quebec, who was not able, it not more, to hold back his tears upon hearing the news.

All the pupils of fifth secondary is going to miss this rite of passage to adult life “expected for” extremely long, ” she said.

“We missed not only the prom, graduation, travel to the end of the year, but also our last chances to see the people who have been part of our lives during these past five years, launching the young girl. We are constantly told that our high school years are our best years, and we just lost half of the most important of them. “

His classmates Mhia Sosa and Vincent James are both sad to know that they will not return to class. But Vincent makes clear, however, that there has never really believed. “I would have really liked it, but with everything going on, I thought it was at the same time that it was unrealistic “, lance-t-il.

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