Graffiti with a portrait of Przewalski decorated the building of the Ministry of defense in Moscow



Portrait of the famous traveler was decorated with Spartakovskaya square Moscow. Artists drew graffiti with the image of Nikolai Przhevalsky on one of the buildings of the defense Ministry.

The picture sand-coloured stylized documents of the XIX century. In addition to the portrait of the geographer painted on the wall of the routes of his trips to Central Asia. In expeditions traveler has spent more than nine years. The first Europeans explored the mountain ranges of Northern Tibet. Collected huge number collections. Only the herbarium of the Przewalski has 15 thousand plants.

“The 180th anniversary of Nikolay Przhevalsky, we decided to draw the graffiti with his image. Also in the near future will open an exhibition dedicated to the traveler,” – said the press officer of the Russian geographical society Elizabeth Ledovskaya.

This is a project of the Russian geographical society, which regularly hosts themed drawings on the walls of buildings in different Russian cities.